The Sexe-Tetes with Sexy Poems, Twisted Funny Poems, Sexy Poetry, Erotic Poetry, Erotic Poems. The Hubble missed a galaxy, a swirling galaxy nearby.

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sexe-tete galaxy, sexe-tete whirl swirl in the sky



when the hubble went exploring
     great eye on the sky
it missed a swirling galaxy
     a galaxy nearby

when the hubble
missed this bubble
hubble bubble

could be trouble
on the double

missed the swirl
missed the whirl

of the sexe-tete eye
     in the sky

of the sexe-tete swirl
     whirling by

how could it miss this swirl
when andromeda was confirmed
when a zillion galaxies were recorded
a megazilion stars were stored
     in images
          by the hubble
               great eye on the sky


yet the hubble

missed a galaxy

a galaxy nearby

missed a whirl

a swirling whirl


          the sexe-tete galaxy


it messed the heavenly charts

it missed a heavenly part

a swirling galaxy

a whirling galaxy


          the sexe-tete whirl

               in the sky


the swirl

the galaxy swirl

the galaxy whirl

the dizzy making

dizzy spinning

dizzy turning


           galaxy spin


when the hubble went exploring

it missed

a homeworld swirl

a homeworld turning spinning

a galaxy within the universe

a galaxy with its own spin

     the sexe-tete spin



hubble bubble

on the double

there's a galaxy newly found

     close by

          in our sky


July 15, 2007
© copyright Elsa Schieder, 2007, all rights reserved
© copyright FlufferDuff Impressions 2007



The Sexe-Tetes
Sexy Poems -
Out of This World

The sexy Sexe-Tetes
out of this world
off in a whirl
a whirling galaxy nearby

whirling with words
the words of
whirling verses
erotic poems
twisted funny poems
twisting and twirling
twisting and swirling
sexy words
erotic poems
erotic world
words whirling
words swirling
through erotic poetry
erotic poems
through galaxies nearby
out of this world

in the Sexe-Tete galaxy
out of this world
twisted funny poems
sexy poetry
and whirling more
to erotic poetry
through erotic poems

the universe of
sensual poems

a galaxy of
twisting twisted
funny poems

a galaxy nearby

August 21, 2008
copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2008 -
all rights reserved






The Sexe-Tetes with
Sexy Poems,
Twisted Funny Poems,
Sexy Poetry, Erotic Poetry,
Erotic Poems.
The Hubble missed a galaxy,
a swirling galaxy nearby.
The Sexe-Tete galaxy.

Fun words music
with the Sexe-Tetes.
when the hubble
went exploring,
great eye on the sky,
it missed
a swirling galaxy,
a galaxy nearby.
The Sexe-Tete Swirl.
Playful words music
rhythm rap.

Words Music

tongue in cheek
Spoken Word Poetry

out of this world
out of the ordinary
utterly un-serious
take on the universe
the Sexe-Tete
frolic through outerspace
keeping pace
keeping beat
keeping heat
and giving
and living

The Sexe-Tetes
offbeat upbeat
on the beat
rhythm and rap
rappety tap
zappety snap
Spoken Word Poetry
Words Music Rap

and more than that

the Sexe-Tete Swirl
the Sexe-Tete Whirl
the Sexe-Tete Galaxy
flying by



The Sexe-Tetes -
women in search
of whatever happens
to attract their attention,
such as ...
white chocolate
and hot fudge sauce,
children without homes,
animals without homes,
and rhinestones.








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