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I stand at the edge
I act in my head
hold still in dread
                              of risking the gap

between the feeling and the fact
between the longing and the act
                              a gap

I try to dance to sing
             my body's stiff
             my voice holds back
             it's out of tune       off track
             it lacks
I want to dance to sing
             I recall the lacks
             I hold back

             snip snap
             crick crack
             a gaping     aching

your hand
   my hand
                         a gap
I have reached
             something cracked

now if I reach
and you reach
             do we reach
                         a track
                         or a trap?

a track
a path
             that goes along
               goes beyond
is this that?

or a trap
               ever tighter
               ever closer
               no escape
               except surrender
is this that?

track or trap?

a trap?
a lure?
               to capture
                            there's no turning back
is it that?

I look down
              it's just a crack
I stand frozen
              crick crack
              don't cross the crack

don't go forward
don't go back

between the thought and the act
between the longing and the fact
                                                        a gap

I stand at the edge
I act in my head
I hold still instead
             of risking the gap

I stand at the edge
I act in my head
             between desire and dread

between the fiction and the real
                  the real and the ideal
                  the image and the act
                  the thought and the fact
                  the wish and the fear
                  the longing and the lack
                                    at the gap

a gap
                  in the track
                  crick crack
                  snap crack     gap
                  an edge   ledge     gap

stopped in my tracks
                              a gap
                  can't cross that

this not that
dog not cat
                               a gap

split splat
zip zap
                                    a gap

between the feeling and the act
between the wish and the fact
                     this not that
                                          a gap

trip trap
not that
not that
not a trap
       not that

zip zap
rip rap

between the fiction and the fact
              at the gap
do I fall
              into the gap?
or can I cross past that?
is it a trap?
or is there a track past that?

splat zap


Elsa Schieder
Sept. 15, 1999
Nov. 11, 1999
© Elsa Schieder, 2006




For the final version of
Can't Cross the Gap
click here.


words and vocals - Elsa Schieder
music, arrangement and keyboard - Yves Laporte
melody, "between the feeling and the fact" - Yves Laporte
melody "I stand at the edge" - Elsa Schieder
melody "between desire and dread" - Elsa Schieder

sound production - Yves Laporte (all initial work), Tim Alleyne (final initial edit), and Mark Corwin (final sound production)

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It has taken a long time for my words to get out into the world. This piece got much further than most very early on, almost right from its writing. And then for years, it went nowhere at all - and what with a computer that wouldn't export, a lot of work got lost.

THE STORY. Every now and then, I found people to do a piece or two with. Most were doing their own thing, and after a bit continued on their own way.

For this song, I was lucky to meet ("meet" - this was no accident - I contacted a lot of keyboard players on a list of Montreal musicians someone had taken the time and effort to compile) - back to, for this piece I was lucky to meet Yves Laporte.

Yves wrote a melody line for another of my pieces. I liked his melody but not for that piece. I heard such longing in it. Gap came to mind.

Yves' melody line is the central one - the one for "between the feeling and the fact, between the longing and the act."

We met over and over. He wrote all the music. I came up with a couple of melody lines - ones just about within my very limited singing range (again, so frustrating not to have the voice to express what one hears in one's head).

Yves developed the music fully and did all the initial sound production - all in his room/home/studio, and all on a Mac where something had broken, something that would let him get things off his computer.

We did, at the end, three recordings on tape: song, spoken word with music, words only.

We did not record only the music - aftr all, I had only tape, and a better version of the music was on his computer. Some way was supposed to be found to export it.

There's ended up being no copy of what Yves had on his computer. So there's no version of just the music. Frustrating.

All that exists are the three taped recordings.

Yves tried to send the music file by email. Patience in his trying. One try. Nothing. Another. Nothing. Nothing worked. Energy ran out. Time passed. Like with so many things, stuff was left unfinished.

Gaps. Between the feeling, the work - and even getting the finished work off the computer, let alone finding a place for the work out in the world.

Something does exist. Much is missing.

Now I know way more and have more resources.

And I am trying to get across other gaps as well. Because even if I'd had everything, all the music,all the original files - where would it have gone?

The world is large and daunting. And there isn't always a helping hand.

July 16, 2006


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words music - gap







words music - gap









words music - gap





words music - gap





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Between the feeling and the fact,
between the longing and the act,
a gap.
Words Music,
spoken word poetry, rap poetry.
I stand, between this side and that.


A dozen years ago,
I began to wake up
with word pieces -
words music,
spoken word,
songs -
in my head.
Escape velocity.
Echo of the echo.
Tank almost empty.
Can't cross the gap.

Welcome into my world.


Every time I'm going
into the words not knowing
what kind of thing I'm doing
what is this thing I'm making
what are these words creating

Words music, music words, rhythm beat,
spoken word, song,
words music, words beat,
rap poetry,
trip hip unhip unzipped
whispered, shouted, sung.

What is this?
spoken word poetry?
music words?
words music?
rap tap rhythm song?

Where do these words belong?
They don't follow song rules
so they can't be songs
Are some rap
with a rap beat?
Are some spoken word?
Some are to be sung -
country, trip hop, pop, folk, blues,
country folk, rock and roll, rap,
world beat, jazz, folk pop,
rhythm and blues.

words music
music words
rhythm beat strong
words to be spoken
words to be sung
words to be lived

words music
music words
rhythm beat

What's cooking?
Whatever comes -
words alive
words strong
words music words music
rhythm beat
words moving
words shaping
words taking
words trying
     to catch life
     to catch moments
        moments like fireflies
          one moment bright
          next moment gone
words and rhythm
words to be spoken
words to be sung
words, sounds, music

words going on and on
like the beat of a drum
word pieces
piecing together moments ...

July 15, 2006

© Elsa Schieder - 2006


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