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in the order they came

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Heavy rain
in my soul
Heavy grays

as if I toil
in a mine
with weeping walls
dark with grime

Blue skies
Autumn golds
Vivid honeys

I behold
with my eyes
But inside
dark gray skies

Your touch is warm
But I am numb
I've become

dark and gray

Heavy rain
in my soul

I despair
can't believe
we'll make it through
you and me

as a couple
as a pair

Heavy grays

not honeyed golds

Is it old grief
welling through
bruising the day
me and you?

Or is it the truth? -
there won't be
a couple
made of
you and me?

For now

blue skies
your warm touch

barely touching

the rock of fear
the wall of chill

as I plod onward
led by my will
but I long for
a nest
a rest
a love that fills


the cold gray rain
in my soul


October 19, 1996
© copyright Elsa Schieder, 2007, all rights reserved

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swirl world creativity


Heavy rain in my soul. Heavy grays.
Blue skies, autumn gold, vivid honeys,
I behold with my eyes.
But inside, dark gray skies.
Words music, words music longing,
words music dark gray skies.

A dozen years ago,
I began to wake up
with word pieces -
words music, spoken word, songs -
in my head.
Escape velocity.
Echo of the echo.
Tank almost empty.
Can't cross the gap.
Welcome into my world.


Every time I'm going
into the words not knowing
what kind of thing I'm doing
what is this thing I'm making
what are these words creating

Words music, music words, rhythm beat,
spoken word, song,
words music, words beat,
rap poetry,
trip hip unhip unzipped
whispered, shouted, sung.

What is this?
spoken word poetry?
rap tap rhythm song?

Where do these words belong?
They don't follow song rules
so they can't be songs
Are some rap
with a rap beat?
Are some spoken word?
Some are to be sung -
country, trip hop, pop, folk, blues,
country folk, rock and roll, rap,
world beat, jazz, folk pop,
rhythm and blues.

words music words
rhythm beat strong
words to be spoken
words to be sung
words to be lived

word music worlds
rhythm beat

What's cooking?
Whatever comes -
words alive
words strong
words music worlds
rhythm beat
words moving
words shaping
words taking
words trying
     to catch life
     to catch moments
        moments like fireflies
          one moment bright
          next moment gone
words and rhythm
words to be spoken
words to be sung
words, sounds, music

word music worlds

words going on and on
like the beat of a drum
word pieces
piecing together moments

word music worlds


and then
can't hear
they're gone

like moments



July 15, 2006
 © copyright - Elsa Schieder - 2007, all rights reserved