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MamaCat has lived for 16 years, and now is very sick. What is one more day worth? Is it worth anything? She doesn't seem to be in pain. She's eating well. Sometimes she's curled with another cat, more often she's alone. Would it be better to have her die, have her life end, to make sure she does not go into big suffering? I brought her to the vet yesterday - not to have her life ended without pain - but to make sure I'm right in what I'm seeing, that she's okay for now.

I wouldn't be against anyone saying: this is long enough - from here on, the risk of suffering is too high, as the tumor grows.

I don't have a lot of words about this. But these are the thoughts going through my mind.

All the best to all of us who're living as well as we can,


posted March 8, 2017

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One more day.
What is it worth
to the cat?
To me?
Why do I care
to give it to her?

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