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I remember writing journal entries for hours - for me and for me alone. They were too private for anyone else. And yet it mattered so much to get the words down on paper. I have stacks and stack of such journal entries.

I did want to share some of what I wrote. But not all. Far from all.

And now when I write, it's to share whatever it is that I'm writing. Partly I'm more open. Maybe more, there's a lot I'm no longer driven to write about, that I would not feel "private."

So anyway, this is meant, person to person.

Somehow I'm feeling the urge to write about personal stuff - like thoughts about one of my cats. And I feel like having this go out into the world.


posted March 8, 2017

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I'm writing person to person.
Personal thoughts and feelings.
But they're not private,
just for me.

Elsa's Blog

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