Cat Stories about Warrior Cats. Pictures of Cute Cats and Scary Cats. Here, a Cat Story about TiChat, the Blind Killer Cat and Warrior Cat. A Scary Cat.
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Cat Stories about Warrior Cats.
Pictures of Cute Cats and Scary Cats.
Here, a Cat Story about TiChat,
the Blind Killer Cat and Warrior Cat. A Scary Cat.

TiChat the Blind Warrior Cat, a Scary Cat
blind, hearing impaired and with only one tooth, but ...

TiChat has been lucky and unlucky over and over.
I never go to the barn, but I did that day ...

cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat    cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat    cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat

TiChat has been lucky over and over - lucky in unluck.
I never go to the barn, but I did that day. That saved her life.

Another time, when friends were taking care of her,
she fell off the eighth floor balcony. She not only survived.
No broken bones. As far as everyone could make out, totally unhurt.
So, a very lucky cat.

She's also blind, seriously hearing impaired,
and has only one tooth. Not that lucky.

But she's not meek and mild. She likes dogs, but for years was ready to kill
any cat who got within striking range. All the other cats kept their distance.


So, a few cat stories about TiChat, the lucky blind warrior cat.

Our meeting. I never go to the barn, but that day I had to. It was spring,
and I was low on kindling in the house. But there was more kindling
in the overhang to the barn.

On top of a pile of kindling sat a cat with glazed eyes and tongue
sticking out. I hurried back to the house, got cat food and left it
not far from the pile of kindling.

I took my bundle of kindling and left.

The next day I went back, expecting that the food - and most likely
the cat - would be gone. The food wasn't touched. And the cat still sat
on the same pile of kindling, eyes glazed and tongue sticking out.

She didn't seem to be frothing at the mouth, a sign of rabies, but I still
didn't want to touch her and maybe have her bite me.

I got sturdy work gloves, came back.

I held out the bowl of food to her. It was moist, soaked from rain that
had fallen overnight. She gobbled. After a while I took it away, went
back to the house, got a cat carrier. She was exactly where I had left her.

Still wearing heavy work gloves, I pushed her into the cat carrier.

In the house, I put her in a small separate space. She ate, used the kitty litter box (cats naturally prefer kitty litter boxes, are naturally toilet trained). Her tongue still stuck out, her eyes still looked glazed.

So off to the vet, where I learned: she's blind, and has hardly any teeth,
which is why her tongue sticks out. Later I found out that she's also
hearing impaired.

So, not lucky, but lucky to be alive.


I soon found out she's anything but meek and mild around cats.
The other cats would gather around her and hiss at her. They didn't
know what to make of this cat who sat still and didn't react to them -
which she couldn't do, being blind.

She did react when they got within reach - a whirlwind of claws.
She fought all out - for her, it was clearly a life and death struggle.

Very soon, all the cats kept their distance.



She has amazing fearlessness, loves discovering new places,
bumping into things, finding her away around, eating, getting petted.

She loves being taken to class - where I've found a way of integrating
TiChat to make at least one appearance in my college classes.

She keeps changing, though slowly. It took over a year for her to start
appreciating touch. Now she loves it. Most recently, she's mellowing
around the cats - mainly due to Timothy Cat, who is not terrified of her,
and yet does not attack her, just does not run.

What next? I don't know.
I don't create her story. I just try to help it be good.


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Cat Stories about Warrior Cats. Pictures of Cute Cats and Scary Cats.
Here, a Cat Story about TiChat, the Blind Killer Cat
and Warrior Cat. A Scary Cat..

cat photo - Scruffers

Cat Stories about TiChat the Blind Warrior Cat.
A Cat Story about a Scary Cat.
Part of a Photo Gallery of Cats.
Lots of Pictures of Cute Cats.

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