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This is the first blog post in a very long time.
Not a how to post. Not an info post.
Not a post on what's going on.
So what's left? So very very much.

This is my first blog post in a very long time.

But the feeling - I need to write this, to reach people with this thought, this feeling - that goes back almost forever. 2006 - my first online blog. As for the desire to write and to reach, that goes back way further. To childhood.

Today, a decision. "It all starts with a decision." I've heard that many times. Today's decision: to start, once again, with this first blog post, this new blog post, however it turns out.

Will it be about what's going on?

Around me, many of us know qhite a bit about what's going on. We know of looming food shortages. Of blatant wrong doings - like dangerous injections pushed on children though there are no benefits for the children. There's also a war in the Ukraine. Inflation. Fuel shortages. Our well-bring is not of interest to most of those with power.

I have nothing to say about what's going on. Lots of great people are doing their best to let us know.

A thought crosses my mind. One of those repeat thoughts. That I often feel more alive when reading than when talking to someone. Are you like that as well?

I was a bookworm for a long time, in childhood and way past that. Partly I was often lonely, very lonely. But it was more than that. So often life felt boring. And a good book was not boring. So often, in the everyday world, I didn't know what to do beyond the very humdrum. Hopscotch. snakes and ladders. Dishes. Homework.

Books - they took me to so many different worlds, on so many adventures. Pippi Longstocking has come to mind. I can't remember anything about what happened to her, except that she didn't comb her bright red braids for months, and then her hair took hours to untangle.

I feel more alive, just thinking of reading. Just now, a novel by Andre Norton, Cat's Eye, comes to mind. I read it when I was about 12. My first novel on a post-nuclear-war future. More than 200 years in the future. I remember there was travel through dangerous territory into a city that had been built long ago. Danger lurked. And someone had cat's eyes, a mutation from the nuclear fallout.

The world of that book stayed alive in my imagination for years.

So what do I want with this blog?

Aliveness. I want it to come from my aliveness, and reach yours, stir your aliveness.

I'm not against info blogs and how to writings. I'm eager to get, into my inbox, quite a number of trusted information sources. At times, I also go searching for how to information - like, about a decade ago, how to feed a butterfly.

But what's come to mind are all the many fabulous novels I have read. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. War and Peace. Villette. Frost in May. Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Lord of the Rings. The Stone Angel. The Diviners. Crackpot. Brave New World. 1984. Animal Farm. Hundreds of novels.

They brought me more alive.

I think that's what's pulling me.

Something coming from my aliveness that brings you more alive.

Will this succeed? That is, will this interest people - like you? I don't know. Sometimes one may massively care about something, but it doesn't match with what others are looking for, doesn't catch on.

One thing I know: if I don't try, I fail myself.

And then, for now, enough until next time.


July 6, 2022

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Here I am, with so many thoughts!!
Elsa's Blog

This is the first blog post in a very long time.
Not a how to post. Not an info post.
Not a post on what's going on.
So what's left? So very very much.

Thoughts and more thoughts!!
Elsa's Blog
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Elsa's Blog
Elsa's Blog

Above, the first of - I hope - many interesting posts.
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