Secret Information, Secret Knowledge, The Strangest Secret about Western Values and Islamic Values. Deep Secrets about Islamic Culture, Western Culture.    need speaker, expert?
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Secret Information, Secret Knowledge, The Strangest Secret
about Western Values and Islamic Values.
Deep Secrets about Islamic Culture, Western Culture.

secret information

There are many kinds of secrets - fatal secrets, secret taboos,
dangerous secrets, deep secrets, key secrets.

Detective story writers delight in putting information in sight -
often not in plain sight,
but easy to notice in hindsight.
"Oh right, I knew that all along, but didn't pay attention."

With Islam and the West, that's what we are dealing with at present. Information about Islam, and about the deadly political correctness of the West, is readily visible to those who have the eyes to see it, who have learned to look for and recognize it.

It's like those images we're sometimes shown. See the vase, we are told. Often we don't see the profiles of 2 people looking at each other, though these are also clearly visible. Later, when the profiles are pointed out to us,
we go: how could I have missed them!!!

But there are still secrets. Why are we given misinformation about Islam as a religion of peace (as the West understand peace)?

Easy to understand, when it comes from Islamics who don't want non-Islamics to recognize the nature of Islam.

Most Western leaders, however, are not Islamics
- though most act as if the only possible source of information were Islamics, as if they did not have the literacy skills, for instance, to read the Quran on their own, to look into Islamic history from the point of view of non-Islamics (a history which is an utter horror, from the non-Islamic point of view).

Here, by the way, is a 1,400 year secret - which now has had over 2 million views. Bill Warner, PhD, on the history of Islam:

And now, back to: why are most Western leaders passing on misinformation, denying the nature of Islam and the threat of its ideology through people who believe in it? And why do so many endorse the mass influx, into the West, of Islamics with their anti-democracy ideology, and the strong anti-Semitism and anti-Christian stance within their religous texts?

Everything isn't known about what is going on - for instance, about exactly who knows what - and about who is a "useful idiot" (a common term for people, closed to the truth, used to pass on dangerous misinformation) and who is deliberately portraying an ideology, Islam, as un-dangerous,but that is dangerous to democracy, male-female equality, gay rights, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and on.

The most important thing, though, is not to answer these questions, important though they are. The most important thing: as much as possible, to align with those who are on the side of truth, of searching out and speaking the truth. For that reason:

secret key information

If you have signed up, you might want to go on reading anyway.

For instance, 2 important questions to ask:

Who benefits from the misinformation?

And what is the chain of misinformation-passing - like the chain of a poisoned seed, passed along until finally it is swallowed and kills.

Layer after layer of uncovering - such as, of the mass media doing its best to lull people to sleep, droning on and on about rabid right-wing Islamophobes.

Who's paying for this, you may want to ask?

Also, how far up the line does one have to go, before you get to people who know that "Islam is a religion of peace" (as the West understands peace) is an untruth?

Something else: what about secrets about climate change, about fracking, about population surge in some populations and not in others, about the contamination of the polio vaccine leading to a mass upsurge in cancer,? Where is the truth? Who knows what is really going on? Why is information withheld from us? Why are we pushed to believe that anyone who asks questions is some kind of evil bigoted racist reality-denier?

One can track and track. The trail is muddied.

secret key information

My Own Journey to this
Secret Information, Secret Knowledge

It's been a long journey for me, first learning what had been secret information, from my perspective - just as the dangers of smoking were kept secret from people as long as the cigarette companies could suppress the knowledge. I had no idea Islam was different from other religions. I slowly learned.

I still have a lot to learn. But what I know I share, through information, through idea pieces, through music.

The biggest secret, for me, was how do I get people to listen? Cassandra knew the Trojan horse was an evil trick that would lead to the destruction of Troy. No one would listen.

If there is a quick and easy way to get, what is still for me, somewhat secret information, I'd be happy to learn. In fact, it's something most of us have to learn - how do we get through to people? It shouldn't be secret information. But, in fact, many people never learn. The people around them refuse to hear.

But slowly more and more people are listening to many people worldwide who care deeply, passionately - and often desperately - to get the word out about the dangers of Islam, including the danger from mass Islamic influx of people with an anti-democratic ideology, anti human rights (as defined in the West), anti freedom of speech, anti freedom of religion.

Please join.

secret key information

But, you may ask, what's in it for you?
How will you benefit from any knowledge you gain,
any ideas and strategies?

A massive amount of knowledge has been buried as well as possible by most Western leaders and the mainstream media. Would it benefit you to have access to more?

A famous quote goes, "The truth shall set you free." Someone has quipped, in response, "Yes, sure. But first it will make people mad."

Sometimes the truth isn't comfortable. On the other hand, for those of us who want truth, it's great to find more community and connection - more truth - and also to learn more strategies for outreach.

But what have I done, you may ask. I started in 2006, knowing something was wrong with the massive Islamic outrage at the Danish cartoons.

I wrote articles, both on Islam, and on the West's response.

By now there are:

-several sets of interviews with counter-jihadis on their personal journeys into facing the threat of Islam:

- a whole series of pieces, most recently on Brain Wreck - an exploration of what has happened inside the heads of the politically correct

- and even music pieces, such as Too Many Heads Off and a tribute to Umar Mulinde, Christian pastor, ex Muslim, acid burned:

My invitation to you, come and join in this ongoing exploration of secret and not so secret information:

secret key information

Not all attempts to reach people have been successful.
In 2010, I told people I had a secret but would not tell it to them:

It was fun telling people I would not tell, instead of trying to reach people who would not listen. However, not many people signed up with that approach.

Speaking seriously has been more effective, like here in 2012, when I spoke about the West, how instead of facts about Islam, we have fear of Islam:

What has worked best for me? The interviews with counter-jihadis. And updates.

About once a week, I send out an update - information, ideas, and even music - and also strategies that work for reaching people.

I'm one person doing what I can. Please join in. See if these updates help you on your own journey to do what you can to protect human rights and freedoms, like freedom of speech, like male female equality, like the right to practice a religion as long as it does not preach harm to others.

secret key information

What do you get?

Secret Information
that should be known by all

Secrets you know and don't know.
Open secrets that may be the missing secret information
to take the West to the next stage of development.

What will knowing this secret information give you?
It will make the world make more sense to you.
It will let you see more of what's there to see.

One Big Benefit

In what way might you benefit from seeing more?
Don't you have enough stuff coming at you already?

Imagine driving, not being aware of the blind spot -
not even knowing there's a blind spot between what you see
in the rear view mirror and what you see right outside the car
without turning your head.

A friend learned to drive without taking any lessons -
and years later had to take driving lessons.
She was grateful: she learned about the blind spot.
She had no idea how she'd managed to avoid having accidents.
She had no idea how many near-misses she'd had.
But from then on, she never left her lane without checking the blind spot.

So yes, we already have masses of information
coming at us from all sides -
like driving in heavy traffic.
But some information is crucial.
Not checking blind spots is dangerous.
Not even knowing a blind spot exists
is even more dangerous - it means we never even check.

An Extra Benefit for Teachers

The more we know, the more we can do for our students.
Most teachers are incredibly generous.
A study I came across showed
that teachers gave 4 times as much to charity,
on the average, as non-teachers.

In many ways, good teaching is a form of giving and sharing.
But if we don't know something, we can't share it.

So an extra benefit to teachers,
is that knowing secret information increases
what we have for our students.

At least that's the way it's supposed to be.
But so many educational institutions are politically correct -
meaning facts can be a big problem if they go against
what is accepted as truth.

Teachers may have to be careful
how they bring this somewhat secret information
into their teaching.

An Extra Benefit for Students

As for students - knowledge is power, it is said.
I've heard there's an extra 30% that's not in the curriculum.
So learn one part of that extra.

Actually, as for teachers, many people are not pleased to be faced
with information that is suppressed.
You may want to enlighten with the secret information.
Remember that Galileo did not have an easy time of it.
Many educational institutions are rigidly politically correct.

An Extra Benefit If You're Not from the West

And if you're not from the West, how might this secret knowledge
benefit you? Again, knowledge is power. With this knowledge,
you will better understand what's happening in the West.
Also, you gain insights into developments in any society.

And again, you'd may need to be careful,
especially if you are in an Islamic country.

Is It Enough If You See?

Just one person seeing what's in the blind spot can make
a life-or-death difference. But when you're driving,
you know that it's not just your driving that matters.
Someone else can pull out of their lane without checking.

In the West, millions of people have this blind spot.

Back to the Secret

Long ago, in the famous story of the emperor who walked around
with no clothes on, people were ashamed to acknowledge
that they could not se the clothes the emperor claimed to be wearing.
It meant they were unrefined.
But that doesn't mean that, deep down, they didn't see.

In the liberal West, we are generally prohibited
from seeing the secret information about Islam -
thought with the Islamic State,
things are changing.

Still, the millions upon millions of politically correct people
are keeping the no-longer-so-secret information from themselves,
and are also ready to rage at people who look and see,
and to name-call.


The consequences can be minor.
A friend never had an accident though she drove for years
without checking the blind spot. (She may have,
however, terrified a number of drivers she almost ran into.)

The consequences can also be huge. Most people know the story
of the Trojan horse. The Trojans didn't recognize that the wooden horse
left outside its walls by the Greeks was a deadly trick to lure them
into feeling safe. Troy was destroyed.

secret key information

There are dangerous blind spots in the West.

The Western attitude, Western outlook,
Western worldview now has
a massive internal secret weakness.
Current Western values present this
dangerous weakness as a strength -
we are "tolerant" and "accepting of diversity"
(in reality, deaf and blind to information
about dangerous diversities).

What Does This Mean For You?

What does it mean to you?
This is a potentially fatal weakness
for the West, for Western civilization.

Hover, Change Is Possible

There have never been more changes, worldwide,
than in the past two centuries.
Many of the rights I take for granted
were fought for during that time.
One thing it means is that we can, again,
create changes to make the world safer, more secure,
increase freedoms, like freedom of speech.

Join now. For human rights,
including freedom of thought and speech.

secret key information


Secret Information, Secret Knowledge, The Strangest Secret
about Western Values and Islamic Values.
Deep Secrets about Islamic Culture, Western Culture.

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Most of us know
about the Trojan horse.
That after 10 years stuck
outside the walls of Troy,
the Greeks built
a wooden horse,
filled it with
Greek soldiers,
and pretended to leave.

The Trojans pulled
the wooden horse
into Troy.

That night
the Greek soldiers
came out and
conquered Troy,
slaughtered most
of the Trojans.

Many people
don't know
that Cassandra knew
about the trick,
knew this bit of
secret information,
and tried to warn
the Trojans.

They did not listen.

Her information,
her knowledge,
stayed secret
from them.

Sometimes it is hard
to get others to see
something they are
keeping secret
from themselves.

Her secret information
ended up being
a fatal key secret.

As for
the secret information,
secret knowledge
to be revealed here,
it's possible you
already know it.

But maybe you don't.

key secrets about the West

(PS. There is
much more
to the story
of Cassandra.
That too
will be revealed.)


definition of

something unknown,
or not understood -
this would be
secret information;

a piece of information
known only to a few and
intentionally withheld
from general knowledge;

a little-known technique,
approach, or piece of
information that is
the key to success
in a particular endeavor.

(definition courtesy
of Encarta World
English Dictionary)

So secret information
may be something

Or secret information
can be a piece of information known
only to a few.

That is, there may be
no intent to keep
things secret.
Secret knowledge
may just be
something that
is not
generally known.

Still, such
secret knowledge
may be a key secret.

This means that
secret information,
secret knowledge,
can be dangerous
as long as it stays

It even means that
secret information,
secret knowledge
can have fatal results.

Think of secret
knowledge that
a tsunami is coming.



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