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CARO'S QUEST.. Caro liked stories with magic in them. But now she wasn’t so sure. Children Literature, Online Stories For Children, Children Audio Books, Kids Story
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the Caro's Quest - preteen girl and ghost dog story

How could she know ...
what was real
and what wasn't?

children literature with ghost dog

        Caro was glad to hand it back. And there was a question she couldn’t stop herself from asking. “Where did you get it?”
        “It was on my doorstep this morning. Was it in your bedroom last night?”
        “Your window must have been open. Fluffers can walk through doors and walls, but she can’t move one solid thing through another. She must have dropped it out of your window. In fact, if I were you, I would check under your window.”
        Caro came to a decision. If there was anyone she could talk to about her dream, it was Geela. She didn’t want to talk to Fran, whose pale blue eyes were enormous and who was known for talking to spirits like other people talked on the phone. Geela looked solid, trustworthy. "Is Fluffers with you?" Caro asked.
        Geela looked and didn't seem to see anything. "I'm not sure. I saw her just a minute ago. Sometimes she wanders off. Now I don't have to worry about her safety. And I know she can always find her way back. She was never one to get lost." For a moment, Geela looked lost herself. "But she has been fading, more and more."
        Caro expected Geela to say more, but she didn't. Instead Geela just looked kind of absent-minded and started walking slowly homeward. She was able to see an invisible dog, but she didn't seem to see Caro.
        Caro didn't know what else to do, so she tagged along, sneaking long looks at Geela. Her own head was full of thoughts.

Caro liked stories with magic in them. But she wasn’t so sure when someone like Geela was around. And she had been even less sure about Geela’s dog, when it came last night. How could she know what was safe and what wasn’t – also, what was real and what wasn’t?
        It didn’t do any good, asking people. She sure couldn't ask Geela.
        Most of all, they saw such different worlds. In her parents’, ghosts and gods and goblins didn’t exist. But for Mrs. Falks from Social Studies, hell and heaven were as real as her bright red lipstick and black sprayed hair. And according to Fatima, there was a neat point system – god gave two points for doing this, and took off seventy-two points for something else. As for Fran Perkins, everybody knew she lived with spirits hovering all over the place.

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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CARO'S QUEST. Children Literature, Online Stories For Children,
Children Stories, Children Audio Books, Kids Story.
Caro liked stories with magic in them. But now she wasn’t so sure.

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Caro's Quest

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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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CARO'S QUEST. Children Literature, Online Stories For Children,
Children Stories, Children Audio Books, Kids Story.
Caro liked stories with magic in them. But now she wasn’t so sure.


the beginning     just before

Meg, Jon and Myra Face a Cold and Rainy Day

Jon had been listening for a good long while. He'd always liked listening to stories.
It didn't happen much anymore. He was way past having bedtime stories read to him.
And most of the time something else was going on. Soccer. Hockey.

He couldn't remember how they'd gotten started on finding a story on the web.
But it was okay. He always had something for ghost stories. He was sure there were ghosts all over the place. A friend even swore
a ghost dog was living in his house. Lazy dog. It just didn't leave when it died. Too lazy to pack up and go.

Myra was also listening to the story. In her mind there were so many questions. Like, what is real?

Meg, as usual, was way ahead of her brother and cousin. She hated listening. She liked reading. She was done. So, as usual,
she let words slide thought her head. Children literature, online stories for children, children stories, children audio books, kids story.
Her cousin, she knew, would put apostrophes all over the place. Children's literature, children's stories, children's audio books,
kids' stories, a kid's stories, children's books.

And then there was a bang. Children literature, children stories and all the rest of the words flew out of her head.



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