The Experience Of Grace. What’s the meaning of grace, definition of grace? What about god s grace? And how do we get to grace? Add your comment.

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the meaning of grace -
is there any meaning?
other than that
it s something within
human possibility?


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the experience of grace,
the meaning of grace,
and how grace?


the experience of grace,
the meaning of grace,
and how grace?



The Experience Of Grace. What’s the meaning of grace,
definition of grace? What about god's grace?
And how do we get to grace?
Many comments. No simple solution.

- Amazing Grace -
yes, amazing, but I want road directions

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smart comments      the meaning of grace

What's been your experience of grace?

As for me, I'm still looking for a road map for heading toward grace.

posted by Richard, June 18, 2010:

Dear Elsa, thanks for your thoughts on "GRACE". Grace certainly never "just happens". To believe that is very primitive and of course thoughtless.

My experience is: Grace is a very special benefit, a life-buoy, it is a transcendental gift. It appears when you are on pessimistic, black, downhearted paths and you are given the chance to talk to the person you happen to be with and receive answers. The thoughts accompanying the talk, lift you out of the "black hole" and take away your pessimism and turn you back to normality. That is grace.

The wonderful feeling of relief can't have any other explanation, than g r a c e !

Also, reading your poems, I come to the opinion, that we harmonize.

in friendship, Dicky

posted by D, June 18, 2010:

Hello Elsa, Thanks for sending this. I am hurting inside so much today. I could use a little grace to deliver me from emotional pain.

posted by Vince Lombardo, June 18, 2010:

Hi Elsa,

Grace, in the sense you are using it, seems to mean a sudden, unexpected change for the better.

I have had this experience many times when hope seemed to be lost for improvement of a dim situation. This sort of hand-up is like the Deity saying: 'OK, you need this special help to get you out of the rut. Now, start being productive... get on with your next mission.'

Another definition of 'grace' is 'unwarranted favour'. If we receive favour from someone who believes in us, we can accomplish an important mission.

A few years ago, I received favour from the honorary colonel of my regiment and was able to produce from scratch a special new bugle instrument for our cadet corps. I had a great time fulfilling this special assignment.

Life doesn't come with a road map. We only understand it in reverse, but we must live it in forward gear. We have no idea whether grace will show up or not. If it doesn't, it may be game over. We can never predict. There's no road map.

posted by Bob, June 18, 2010:

I’m not sure how sudden or complete it has to be to qualify as an important reception of grace.

posted by PG, June 19, 2010:

I am amazed. No answer, no certitude. I like that.

posted by Peter, June 18, 2010:

but for the grace of god
11 years now
free from alcohol
free from cocaine
free from marihuana
free from valium
how's that for saving grace
but somewhere along my journey ... I misplaced my soul

posted by Ursula, June 20, 2010:

Hi Elsa,

I have a great video that addresses our search for peace and unity - a state mystics of various religions have achieved. This 80-minute video is called "With One Voice".

I think that inner peace rarely happens as a lasting state of mind (even if Eckhart Tolle seems to claim it for himself) but rather in form of glimpses.... moments of grace... not as a result of effort necessarily but rather as a gift. Moments of truth happen that way. Praying, meditating, contemplating, certainly help as does a state of communion with the divine spark in us, being in nature, entering a sacred place, etc.... most important though is the willingness to be STILL and listen, really LISTEN. The peace is always available... it just eludes us in our busyness and yet even then.... moments of inner peace can happen - out of nowhere... they just do... that is why we call them GRACE.

posted by Glenda, June 20, 2010:

Elsa, it amazes me how your topics always resound with what is going on at the time in my own life. I am currently seeing/loving a man who has two daughters and nine grandchildren, all of whom he really loves. Now this is one of his qualities that I respect the most: His value of his family. It is also the one with which I struggle the hardest.

You see, when they are around, I am in last in line for affection and attention. Currently, one daughter and 5 grandkids are living in the same house that we are, so you can imagine the daily struggle to come to terms with the "new" level of attention and affection that I receive from him.

I know that he loves me and this will soon pass but I need to be in a state of zen grace about this development and it's just really difficult. It's a fairly new relationship, fledgling really, as we've only been together since the past December. At our age (60's) we are past a lot of the games, though, so a good relationship has developed quickly.

I just need your happy thoughts my way so that I can continue loving this man and not make unreasonable demands on his time and affection. Thanks for listening . . .

posted by Clara from Nigeria, November 11, 2010:

Hi Elsa,

Where i come from, we seem to have mixed up the true meaning of grace. In fact, I believe so many people take it for granted. I come from Nigeria and it's a place where unpredictable things happen. This piece on grace really touched me because it dawned on me as i read through it that i am alive today just by grace and a dash of hope.

It really doesn't matter who you are or what you are here in Nigeria. The truth is that anything can happen at anytime. Most times i leave for work without an inkling what the day might bring. The bottom line is that GRACE truly is everything. The only thing that gives all humans inner peace.

posted by Gerri, December 19, 2010:

Hi Elsa,

I feel that grace has no "inner" or "outer" - it is not a question of "without" pain, suffering, etc. - rather it is present with and beyond.

May we all be with grace,


smart comments
      the meaning of grace

Amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
but now am found
was blind but now I see

That describes one experience of grace. It's something so many of us hunger for. I went exploring ...

The Experience Of Grace. What’s the meaning of grace,
definition of grace? What about god's grace?
And how do we get to grace?
Many comments. No simple solution.

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What’s the meaning of grace, definition of grace?
How reach the experience of grace, states of grace,
instant recovery?

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blue green idea

The Idea Emporium on
the Experience of Grace

The experience of grace - here are viewpoints and experiences.

The experience of grace - that's not like the definition of grace, the meaning of grace,
which can come later, from experiences of grace.

The experience of grace - in a way, that's all we can share with each other,
our experiences of grace, and from there we can see, is there some way we can make
attaining this experiences of grace more likely in my life.

As for, what's the meaning of grace? Does it have to have meaning?

In a way, it fits with hope - but if hope is forward looking, grace not yet attained,
grace is being there.

June 21 , 2010

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