Writers blogs, writer blog, writer blogs. On creating Zee's Love Story from the best love poems, from broken heart poems to romantic love poetry.
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Writers blogs
on taking the best love poems,
from broken heart poems
to romantic love poetry,
and creating
Zee's Love Story.

- Zee's Love Story -
how it came to be

There are a million ways to tell a story.
Zee tells hers through poems.
From break up, to new love, to deep true love.

Why do it that way?

If I imagined myself as a writer, it was as a novelist. After all, that's what I read, novels - and had shelves and shelves of. I remember starting to write a couple of novels - and in fact I wrote a whole detective novel.

But it's only the first few pages that I was gripped to write. The rest was work, tough work.

Then, out of the blue - or out of grief actually - something else came to flow. Poetry.

I didn't read much poetry. I'd never felt like writing poetry - not after about Grade Five, anyway.

I don't know why poetry came to me - but I started waking up with words going through my head, often meant to go with music. Sometimes I had an idea of a melody, often not.

A friend suggested putting some of the pieces together into a poetry book - but I just couldn't see it. I saw the words as spoken, performed. A book?

Yet strangely enough, now I have pulled some of the poems into more than one book.

(And now in fact I'm calling the pieces, poems. That took years. For years I called them word pieces.)

From the start, something did attract me -stringing pieces together so they told a story. The impulse to do that was around almost from the very start. I remember, the first summer that the poems were coming, pulling them into a series of stories.

My idea was that the stories should be performed.

Why performed? Maybe it's because I've loved musicals all my life - and saw my stories as musicals of sorts.

I didn't see sets in my mind, or characters, but I did see the pieces performed - maybe in a solo performance with one character speaking, sometimes singing, always accompanied by music, catchy music.


Why not?

Somehow this has always felt right to me.

I know that it's easier for people to pay attention to lots of new songs and poems if they're tied together in a story. People will watch an entire musical without their attention wandering ... but most would find it hard to keep listening if it was just a series of songs - no characters, no story.

But that isn't why I saw the pieces being performed.

You could as well ask, why did the first novelist write a novel? It just felt write to him, Richardson I think his name was, to write Clarissa or maybe it was Pamela. And when the novel was modified by people like Jane Austen, she did it because it felt right to her to write as she did.

Of course, most new things don't catch on. Some do.

It's felt right to me that Zee's Love Story should catch on, would catch on.

We will see.

March 9, 2011

PS. The first script comes from 1999.
The idea goes all the way back to 1994,
the same year I started writing the poems.

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Writers blogs, writer blog, writer blogs.
On taking the best love poems,
from broken heart poems to romantic love poetry,
and creating Zee's Love Story.

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