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Why poetry?

What can it do for you,
to listen to and read love poetry?

Most of us would love more richness,
depth, intensity, passion, tranquility -
more aliveness - in our lives.

Oprah has enough going on in her life.
But she keeps reading, including poetry.


Good writing brings us to other worlds,
sometimes moments we've never lived,
sometimes moments we've forgotten,
sometimes things we've felt
but didn't have the words for.

Poetry can add to our lives.

And why do I write poetry?

I didn't set out to write poetry -
or spoken word, as I tend to call my stuff.

But years ago, at the end
of a love relationship
that was important to me,
I found myself waking up with words
going through my head.
Songs, poems, spoken word pieces.

But why poetry, of all things?

Who knows?

I've always loved creativity of all kinds.
Grief somehow opened me to a flow of poetry.
The flow of words, so unexpected,
has ebbed at times, but never stopped.

More on, why poetry?

Some people are pulled to figure skating.
Some are pulled to complex mathematics.
Somehow I've been pulled to poetry.

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love song artist true love poems - get now spoken word poetry, love poems and songs the best love poems Elsas Emporium true love poems