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Great Preteen and Kids Online Stories. Friendship story about a hit and run, a ghost dog, and Caro, 13. A good kids books to read online.
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the Caro's Quest - preteen girl and ghost dog story

Caro reached out,
not sure if she could
touch Fluffers ...

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            High up, near the top of the barn, was a beam reaching to the other side. Fluffers took a step or two onto the beam, turned back to look at Caro. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, her black fur had hay sticking out in all directions. She looked so silly that Caro couldn’t be afraid. Anyway, if she fell, it was only a few feet down to huge mounds of hay. Caro took one step, then another, and another – and suddenly slipped. Panic. What if it wasn’t hay down there? Or what if there were sharp things in the hay? Her arms stretched out as she tried, in vain, to balance herself. But she couldn’t. And she didn’t fall either.
            She was flying, soaring, just a few feet above the hay. She flew around and around, higher then lower, then lower and lower still until she was just a few inches above the hay, then half in the hay and half flying. She rolled to a stop. There, just a few inches away, was Fluffers, looking at her with a huge dog grin.
            Caro reached out, not sure if she could touch Fluffers. She could. So soft and silky. She patted Fluffers’ head, scratched behind her ears, stroked her back. Fluffers came even closer, licked her face, then suddenly turned and began leaping around in the hay some more.
            Caro chased her, flying some of the time, rolling in the hay at others.

She didn’t know how long she played. It seemed a long, long time. She didn’t know how long it was before, exhausted, she fell asleep in the barn, the sweet smell of freshly cut hay all around her, Fluffers curled up next to her.
            The sun coming through her window, hitting her straight in the face, woke her up. The sun woke her up most mornings, but this morning it took her a few moments to figure out where she was. No barn. No Fluffers. Home. In bed. Safe. She was also a little sad – she was alone.

The next night she was not afraid as she waited for sleep to come. She was sure she would find Fluffers waiting for her. She was right. That night, and the nights after that, Fluffers took her flying, and not only flying. They would run, play tag and hide-and-seek. Caro had thought she was too old for that kind of thing, but she found she was still the right age.
            Night after night, Caro went further and higher. Over and over, she dreamed of flying with Fluffers – no wings, no airplanes, and soon, no fear. High, low, everywhere.

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Question: Who Am I?
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Great Preteen and Kids Online Stories. Friendship story
about a hit and run, a ghost dog, and Caro, 13.
A good kid's book to read online.

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Caro's Quest

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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Great Preteen and Kids Online Stories. Friendship story
about a hit and run, a ghost dog, and Caro, 13.
A good kid's book to read online.


Meg, Jon and Myra Face a Cold and Rainy Day

Meg, Jon and Myra were doing what they often did on rainy days - they surfed until they found a good story.

And they knew how to do it. They entered words into the search window, words hat had worked before:
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It was a no-brainer. That was what they were looking for. So away they went.

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Finally they went back to a kids story they had been enjoying on the last rainy day. Caro's Quest.

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