Political Correctness Gone Mad: No Challenge to Islamic Beliefs, Muslim Beliefs. Inner Voice Silenced. Time for Controversial Subjects Out in the Open.

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Political Correctness Gone Mad:
No Challenge to Islamic Beliefs, Muslim Beliefs.
Inner Voice Silenced.
Time for Controversial Subjects Out in the Open.

- Sanity City -
Crack the Crazy Mirrors
and Clear the Rubble

political correctness gone mad - worse than mad cow disease
political correctness gone mad - silencing the inner voice
political correctness gone mad, madder than Alice's mad hatter

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When Dorothy came to the city of Oz, she had to wear glasses so she would see what everyone saw. But what everyone saw wasn't really there.

In the West right now, there are glasses. In the Muslim world, there are glasses. With these glasses on, one sees what isn't there.

What is reflected back comes from the glasses - not from the outside world, not from one's own deep inner world.

I have the sense that somehow some people have kept a connection to that deep inner world, a world that sees.

I first stumbled upon that inner connection when I was 7. I was reading a story from the bible. I had no reason not to believe. But I knew it made no sense. It was the story about the god preferring the brother who killed animals over the brother who burned grain. No, everything in me said, completely, firmly.

What do I - and some others - see now that most people do not see?

Note: this is not like everyone seeing that the emperor has no clothes, and just not daring to say it. It's a matter of people seeing that the emperor has clothes when he is totally naked.

I don't think that millions and millions of people read the same story, the story of Cain and Abel, that I did and were utterly shocked and just did not dare say anything. My sense is that millions upon millions accepted this story, believed it made sense for a god to prefer someone who killed animals to show he cared about god, than someone who burned grain.

Personally, I can't imagine that any god would appreciate burned grain, but I can imagine he or she could see it as a bit of human silliness. But animals killed - for his appreciation!

My sense: something was broken inside the people who accepted the story they read, so when they came across it, it did not touch them deep inside, or if it did touch them, they were not aware of it, their shock and horror was buried deep.

So when they looked into the mirror, they liked what they saw. They saw themselves as good religious people and their god as great. The mirror would also show much else: often people who didn't accept this god were seen as evil - good to burn them as witches, etc.


What distorting glasses am I talking about now?

When I look at the West, I see millions upon millions seeing what is not there. The same with the Muslim world.

In the West, I see the glasses hiding a taboo more taboo than incest, burying a shame deeper than the taboo about incest.

In the Muslim world, I see people seeing a world unlike anything that is real. A world of evil where there is no evil, righteousness where there is no righteousness, a god presented and accepted as good - perfect - while preaching hate, murder.


How does one get people to take off the glasses? Sometimes people take off glasses because they get headaches. It hurts to wear them. Things go out of focus. "I've got to get my eyes checked," they say.

What could make people realize they need their inner eyes checked?

It has to start hurting when they look. Things need to go in and out of focus. Maybe the occasional migraine would help - a migraine brought on by trying to keep on the glasses that keep things out of focus.

As long as nothing outside in the world says, what you're seeing is not what is there, the glasses won't hurt. As long as everyone saw the world as flat, it didn't hurt to see the world as flat. Seeing it didn't change reality. The world was no more flat then than now. But people didn't get a headache from seeing the world as flat. Everywhere they looked, their vision was reflected back. Flat world.

It's when more and more different worlds were reflected back, worlds in which the earth was round (more or less) and not the center of the universe, that more and more people started taking off their glasses, taking a peak at this new world. More and more chose to keep their glasses off.


Right now, many people in the West wear glasses of crazy political correctness, of political correctness gone mad.

All opinions are equal, all cultures are equal, all religions are equal, one must not judge, millions upon millions hold.They say that not based on evidence of the equality of religions and cultures, but WITHOUT looking at evidence. "They're equal" does not come AFTER investigation. It's the way exploration is cut off - which makes political correctness gone mad worse than mad cow disease - this is utter madness - the brains have not gone physically to pieces, just the thinking.

Over and over, crazy opinions are held as right - without investigation.

For example, there's the opinion that a country doesn't have the right to regulate its borders, somewhat at least, to ensure that most of the population continues to share its values. So countries like the Netherlands now have millions of newcomers contemptuous of the liberal values - pro gay rights, for instance - of most natives. And if the natives object, they are smeared as racist (which is seen as a bad thing, even though all opinions are supposedly equal).

Re: being able to regulate borders. Every cell has a membrane. Cells need to have mechanisms to keep out what isn't right and let in what fits. (This is a long and complex topic - as of course some regimes keep borders locked and within them kill citizens at will, etc.)

Back to distorting glasses that inhibit seeing and feeling.


In the Muslim world, in the meantime, there is massive violence done in the name of their god both against Muslims and non-Muslims. Every day there are more stories of such horrors - in Afghanistan, Muslim school children are murdered on their way to school, over a hundred in the past 2 years, so that in many areas over two-thirds of the schools are closed. Terror.

Yet what do Muslims protest as if this were the one and only horror? A small cartoon in a publication of a tiny country. The cartoon shows a truth: their prophet being used for violent ends (his turban turned into a bomb).

How can they see that as the greatest horror, worthy of embassies being burned and people murdered? Crazy glasses, coming from Islamic beliefs, Muslim beliefs, fostered by many Muslim religious leaders and by much of the West which AGREES, instead of reflecting such Muslim beliefs back as out of touch with reality.


What do we need? We can't force people to take off glasses that distort the world like fun house mirrors at a carnival.

We can hold up other visions of reality over and over, here and there, so that as many people as possible who wear the distorting glasses find them increasingly uncomfortable.

We can also appeal to what is deep inside people - like the deep inner voice that saved me from being sucked into that story of god liking it - even preferring it - when animals were killed for him.

Inside people, deep inside, they must know something is wrong, something does not feel right.


For now, much is more taboo than incest. Incest - it's on every talk show. One revelation after another.

But there is widespread acceptance of political correctness gone mad - all cultures and religions being held up as equal even when some preach hatred and violence against anyone who does not conform. Discussing the merits of different religions - that is widely taboo. So is, to both most Muslims and tolerant non-Muslims, looking closely at Muslim religious texts and Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs which foster violence. Instead we hear that Islam is a religion of peace. No questions allowed. Questions are taboo.


The causes? Shame buried so deeply that people are unaware, for the most part. Learned denial miles high and miles thick.

The West has a legacy of colonization - in other words, taking, grabbing, displacing, slaughtering. Racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, religious intolerance, and more.

That legacy has been faced. Every good liberal Western person recognizes Western horrors.

But the next step has not been to uphold justice, accurate perception.

Lines from a poem from WB Yeats come to mind: "The center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." The old center is gone. A new one has not formed, for most people. Instead, all opinions, religions, cultures are equal.


From one perspective, it does not make sense. I grew up in a world in which Nazi ideology was seen not just as inferior to democracy, but evil; in which witch burnings in the name of religion were seen as wrong. Over and over, there was seeing, evaluating, judging. Now suddenly no culture or religion is to be judged - meaning, they are not to be seen. We are to deny what we see.

The refusal to see does make sense if one sees Western culture as deep in the hold of a collective unconscious, an unconsciousness of deep shame. The old center does not hold.


As for Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs, these include that Islam is perfect and a religion of peace - and that jihad is the greatest; these include that Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs must not be questioned, or the penalty is death, and Islam is a religion of peace, a perfect religion. (But if it were perfect, then questioning should be encouraged: all questioning would lead to even more evident of perfection.)

I wonder if many Muslims are silently deeply ashamed of their religion, which claims perfection amid massive evidence of imperfection as thousands of Muslims are killed by other Muslims and there is hardly any Muslim outcry against this - though of course Islam is a religion of peace.

I am certain that millions upon millions of Muslims are afraid - scary to have the death penalty held as the fitting response to questioning.

Millions upon millions of non-Muslims are definitely afraid. When I let a colleague know I was going to discuss in class that the Muslim outcry over the Danish cartoon did not make sense, given all the injustices Muslims did not bother protesting, the answer was: be careful, those people are dangerous. I would like the West to look and see how strong a grip this fear has over millions.

I have another awareness as well, more hopeful.


I remember changes happening in what appeared a flash of an eye. My parents emigrated to a Quebec that was rigidly Catholic. Huge families. Rigid Catholic beliefs.

And then suddenly, less than 10 years later, the landscape had changed. Churches were deserted. Nuns and priests were leaving in droves. Birth control. Sex before marriage. Abortion. Gay rights (this a bit later). Tiny families - so Quebec now has the lowest birth rate in Canada, below reproduction rate - which is fine with me - I see no need to have ever more humans on this planet.

Anyway, one thing I learned: change can happen fast. Bastions that seem unstormable can crumble to dust. Watch out for the energy fueling that bastion, though - as the Quebec separatist movement rose as the church crumbled, with much of the same fervor of We Are Right, We Are The One and Only Right Way.

I've also seen the Berlin Wall crumble - or rather get smashed overnight. I've seen racist white apartheid replaced by Nelson Mandela (black, in prison for 27 years for supporting black equality) - at the invitation of the white government.

So ...


Still, sometimes I feel like Cassandra, who knew Troy was going to be destroyed and tried to warn her fellow Trojans. They wouldn't listen. She had been cursed by Apollo because she had refused his unwanted advances. (Nice god!)

My story isn't as dramatic. But I've also long felt I know some things, see patterns, understand some big things - and it's so hard to get heard. If there's a curse, it comes from my father, a passionate caring intelligent man who never found a way to get much of his inner wealth into the world.

I've broken much of my father (unwanted) legacy. I teach - college. I have a website that gets about half a million page views a year.

To Break the Biggest Western Taboo, More Taboo Than Incest.
To Reveal the Shame that Fuels this Taboo.
To Break Many Mirrors (created inside millions) that Reflect Back What Is Not There.

Get off those crazy glasses, is the goal.

Set up more powerful reality-reflecting mirrors is one means.

For that end, I say, join me - and also speak out.


November 24, 2009
copyright © Elsa Schieder 2009, 2011 - all rights reserved

PS. I know I'm not alone. There are many strong public voices. I also know others who share many of my views, and have added massively on this site - from the detailed knowledge of Islam provided by Vince Lombardo to the reasoned arguments of Brian to the many awarenesses of political correctness gone mad of A Weiss.

But sometimes I feel alone - like when in a class of 40, with 38 rigidly holding that all opinions are equal. The lone 2 people who differ are strongly religious - it could be Christian or Muslim. They are are only ones who believe that there is a right opinion (theirs, of course).

The goal: to tip the balance, so that there is clearer sight worldwide.

smart comments

Political Correctness Gone Mad: No Challenge to Islamic Beliefs,
Muslim Beliefs. Inner Voice Silenced.
Time for Controversial Subjects Out in the Open.

blue green idea





blue green idea

The Inner Voice vs
Political Correctness Gone Mad,
and Islamic Beliefs, Muslim Beliefs that
Jihad is Great and Islam is a Religion of Peace

A controversial issue is only controversial because things are not settled yet.
It's not a controversial issue at present that the earth is flat, that the earth rotates around the sun. Controversial subjects are often recent disruptions, areas where there is renovation and construction. Challenge. Controversy. Discomfort.

Right now, in the West, it's controversial to hold that all opinions are not equal, all cultures are not equal, all religions are not equal. In fact, while talk show hosts fall over each other to feature survivors of incest - not much of a taboo - there is very little attention to the way that political correctness gone mad is a massive inner weakness of the West. Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs are held as equal to all other religious beliefs - without those beliefs ever being held up to the light of day. Imagine if all medical treatments had to be held as equal, with no two opinions ever investigated. If one asks about jihad or other forms of Muslim violence, one is met - by both Muslims and Western non-Muslims - by a curt sharp answer: Islam is a religion of peace. If one tries to ask some more about passages in the koran that do not sound peaceful, Islamic beliefs, Muslim beliefs that do not sound peaceful, the answer is likely to become more curt and more rigid, but equally short and sharp: Islam is a religion of peace.

Political correctness gone mad: that that is generally accepted. There's a nineteenth century saying: the proof's in the pudding. In other words, to judge a recipe, see how it turns out when you cook. There's a Christian saying: by their fruits shall you know them. Well, I have seem all kinds of unpeaceful fruits coming from Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs - and if those are not true Islamic beliefs, Muslim beliefs, I'd say it's about time for millions and millions of Muslims to protest.

And in the West, re political correctness gone mad, madder than mad cow disease, I'd say we need to look at evidence and also look at the inner voice inside us.

Nov 25, 2009

Political Correctness Gone Mad: No Challenge to Islamic Beliefs,
Muslim Beliefs. Inner Voice Silenced.
Time for Controversial Subjects Out in the Open.

blue green idea


blue green idea




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