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Preteen Girl and Ghost Dog Story. Caro, 13. Fluffers, ghost dog. And weird Geela Gribbs. Ghost Stories for Kids. Preteen Stories. Stories about Friendship. Caro's Quest.
Preteen Stories, Ghost Stories for Kids, Stories About Friendship    
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preteen girl and ghost dog story - CARO'S QUEST

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Question: Are Ghosts Real
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Caro's Quest
or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Preteen Girl and Ghost Dog Story. Caro, 13. Fluffers, Ghost Dog.
Weird Geela Gribbs. All in Caro's Quest .
Ghost Stories for Kids. Preteen Stories. Stories about Friendship.

Geela Gribbs is weird. She sees a ghost dog, invisible even to 13-year-old Caro.
Then a schoolmate is hurt. Who did it? What is real?
Caro's Quest: preteen girl and ghost dog story.
Mystery, friendship and a search.

Caro's Quest - a preteen girl and ghost dog story

Just what is this preteen girl and ghost dog story about?
A preteenage girl - Caro Carolina, 13.

And what else?
A ghost dog. This could also be called also a ghost story for kids.

Anything else?
Well, it's a friendship story, a story about friendship gone bad,
and about making friends, real friends.

There's even more.
Caro is asking herself questions about what is real.

In this preteen girl and ghost dog story, Caro wonders a lot.
Are ghosts real? Do ghosts exist? What about ghost dogs?
If there proof? How about ghost footage?

Like so many people asking questions,
Caro can't get answers that make sense to her from anyone.
One person says one thing. The next says the opposite.
Ghosts exist. They don't. God exists. You must be kidding.
The dumbest answer she gets is that all opinions are equal -
which means god exists and doesn't, ghosts exist and don't.
Caro isn't dumb enough to buy that - but that leaves her the harder job
of figuring out what is really real.

In this preteen girl and ghost dog story, these preteen stories,
Caro wishes everything was simple, the way it used to be when she was sure the tooth fairy was real
and that she could get any answer just by asking a grownup.

She doesn't just wonder. She does a lot. Especially after the ghost dog comes to her in the middle of the night.
Fluffers takes her to the edge of a ditch in the middle of nowhere ... and disappears.

This is a kids story with a lot happening. Caro has friends
who have just decided they won't talk to her - and she makes a new friend. It's Doug - t
he first boy she's ever been friends with. Doug has been in her school ever since she started grade one,
but she's never noticed him - until now. Boy girl story. Preteenage girl. Preteenage boy. A friendship story.

And it's a dog story - because Fluffers, ghost dog, is above all, a dog.

The Fluffers Book -
a kids story with lots happening -
questions, mystery, a hit and run, a ghost dog, and more.

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