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Video ThankYou.
Elsa's Thinking Videos, Online Video Blog,
Anger Videos, Videos Of Cat, Videos on Love, No Love,
Emotions, Ideas, Change.

secret information on the West and Islam

Key Secret on the West and Islam
One can call it the Cassandra Syndrome - the syndrome in the West for not listening to some information, information it doesn't want to hear. Cassandra - she tried to warn the Trojans about the Trojan horse. She was not listened to. In the story, she was under a curse.

NOW: why the lack of awareness of this key secret weakness in the current Western outlook, worldview, attitude?

on online video blog about a deep dark dangerous key secret

Buried Love Youtube Video

Confessions of a Love-Not Junkie
It starts with buried love - love buried so long that there's no memory of before. The rescue is slow - and the biggest push to change comes from within. But there's a huge hunger for love, to get past the love-not block.    (5 VIDEOS ... and more coming)

on online video blog about love, emotions, healing - videos on love

How to Stop Anger Youtube Video

How to Stop Anger: A Secret for Healing Anger
Lots of memories - of anger powerful and destructive, and stopping anger cold. How to stop anger? One big secret to healing anger feelings: locate the roots of anger, the internal causes of anger. One anger cure: overcome feelings of powerlessness.

anger video blog, critical thinking video blog on healing anger

True Pride vs False Pride
We've all heard: pride cometh before the fall. Does it have to be that way? Or is there something we could see as true pride, healthy pride? And then, there's gay pride. But should whites be proud to be white? What about feeling proud when there's lots in history to recoil from? We've all heard of people refusing to see reality, denying unsavory parts of the past and present. So, what is true pride and what is narcissistic distortion?    (2 VIDEOS)

critical thinking blog on true pride vs false pride, narcissistic distortions

11 Cats - and loving it
Yes, this is about loving cats, having lots of cats, enjoying cats - and appreciating a fabulous kitty litter box. It's got images of cats - and ideas, like the idea that it's time to have more stuff on emotionally healthy people with large pet families.

youtube video on a cat, many cats, 11 cats, fun video on a cat lover

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11 Cats -
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So much
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if its water
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