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And how could
a ghost dog
help anyway?

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            "How did it happen?"
            "The accident."
            Caro was taken aback. How was she supposed to know? "I don't have any idea. I …" She took a breath to help her figure out how to say this. Okay, now she was in for it. She wished she could think of some wonderful lie, but as usual she couldn't. "You know about Geela Gribb's invisible dog, don't you?"
            He nodded, folded his arms on his chest, rocked on his heels, waited.
            "That's how I got there. She came to me in the middle of the night – in a dream – a very weird dream." Caro was looking straight at Frank. "I thought I was asleep when I followed her. Actually, I probably was asleep …  until I got to the ditch and she disappeared down into it. Then I knew I was awake. "
            Frank's arms were still folded on his chest, and he kind of leaned back, as if to listen better to her. He had heard all kinds of stories in his time. Some he believed. Some he didn’t. He had learned to bide his time before coming down one way or the other. "Then you didn't see the accident?"
            "See it?" Caro was puzzled.
            "You didn't see whoever hit Jake. The car. The make. The license plate. Who was driving. Anything." Now Frank leaned forward, looked at her more and more closely. "Caro, are you trying to protect someone? Like yourself?"
            Caro suddenly realized what he was hoping for, that she could help the police find whoever had done this. It made her feel very small. She wished she could help, but Jake had been alone, except for … Had Fluffers seen, she wondered. Did Fluffers know? And how could a ghost dog help anyway?
            "Sure you're telling the truth, Caro Carolina Flaherty-Pinkerton?"
            "I wish it wasn't the truth. I wish I could help. I would tell on anyone who had done this. There's no one I would protect. Honest. No one at all. Even if it got me into trouble."
            Caro's father cleared his throat. "Frank, I'll vouch for that. In fact, I'll vouch for anything Caro says." Her father was proud of Caro's truthtelling. He didn't know that she often wished she could lie. He was sure she was too moral to stoop to lying. "But, Frank,…" here her father looked from side to side,

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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Caro's Quest

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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Free Kid Story. THE FLUFFERS BOOK. Read Books Online For Kids,
Friendship Stories, Free Online Kids Stories, Online Children Books.


Meg, Jon and Myra Have a Favorite Free Kid Story

Sometimes they went to the library, sometimes they were allowed to order online,
sometimes they found a free kid story. THE FLUFFERS BOOK was specal for them on.
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"When you keep a spirit with you," Geela said,
"You have to take care of it. You have to love it, give it attention,
or you've betrayed it in a deep way."

They all loved that. Definitely a good choice when your wanted to read books online for kids.

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