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Special Kids Online Story about a Ghost Dog, a Hit and Run, and More. Favorite Online Kids Books, Online Kid Kid Audio Book, Special Ghost Dog Story.
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the Caro's Quest - preteen girl and ghost dog story

In the ditch,
it was pitch black ...

special kids online story

            Fluffers. Nothing could hurt Fluffers.
            With that, Caro was mad at Fluffers. What was Fluffers doing anyway? Caro wanted to be at home, in bed, safe. But she wasn't. All at once, she was sure she was no longer dreaming. She was sure she was awake. Had she just woken up? She wasn’t sure. But she knew she was really on the Ormstown road in the middle of the night.
            From ahead and below, she heard another whine.
            She faced the ditch but couldn’t make herself go into it. Everything in her said, “Stay away. It’s nuts to go further.” She took a step backward.
            There came yet another whine, more urgent, and a small sharp bark.
It hurt to hear the whine.
            Caro gritted her teeth but that didn’t keep the whine from sounding in her head. She knew it didn’t make any sense, sliding down into a ditch in the middle of the night, but she also knew she had to make herself do it.
            She took one small step forward, then another, then a third. That was it. She was at the very edge. She took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then let it go.
            "Okay, Fluffers," she said and plunked down to slide into the ditch. Immediately she felt soft fingers against her face. Stop it, she told herself. It wasn’t fingers. It was goldenrods, the tops still soft so early in the year. She made herself start to slide and bump through scruffy huge plants, scratching and grabbing at her. Goldenrods, nothing but goldenrods, she muttered over and over to herself. Goldenrods grew in all the ditches. She knew that. Still they frightened her.

Suddenly the whining softened. It was right beside her.
            In the ditch it was pitch black. Caro fumbled with her hand. There was something soft and cool and …  fleshy. It was not fur. It was, or it felt like, skin.
            She took a deep breath, forced her hand to move. A nose. A mouth. She felt and felt but could feel no Fluffers. She could still hear a soft whine.
            She felt … a neck with a bumpy adam's apple, a t-shirt. She put her hand on the chest. It was moving up and down.

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
big questions that make you think
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Special Kids Online Story about a Ghost Dog,
a Hit and Run, and More.
Online Kids Books, Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book, Ghost Dog Story.

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Caro's Quest

special kids online story
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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Special Kids Online Story about a Ghost Dog,
a Hit and Run, and More.
Online Kids Books, Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book, Ghost Dog Story.


Meg, Jon and Myra Browse

Parents were great at saying, go out and play. But Meg, Jon and Myra knew
their parents had often been indoors ... watching television.

And anyway it was raining.

Time for browsing. You never knew what you would find - though some they sure did not like. Yukk.

Hmmm, special kids online story about a ghost dog, question about reality, about someone dreaming
about a ghost coming to them in their sleep.

Hmmm. Kids online story about ... Best online kids books ... Super kid audio book ...
One of a kind kid online story ... How could you tell which to go for?

So they browsed some more. And then clicked on special kids online story.

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