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Doug look hard
at Caro. Had she
seen the dog?

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or in any other way show he felt anything. The police kept the people from getting down into the ditch, then helped with the stretcher. Other people called offers of help, but were kept back. "No, stay clear."
            Mr. Janoschevic spoke quietly to the parents, “I take Graham and Jeannie, okay?” Jake’s father nodded. He was dazed. Yes, someone would have to take the children, but he just had not thought of that.

Doug continued to keep far back and watch. The dog, he saw, stayed right beside Jake. But just before the doors of the ambulance closed, it turned and looked at Caro, almost as if wanting to go to her. Then it sat down beside Jake. The doors swung shut.
            Doug looked hard at Caro. Had she seen the dog? She was looking at the closed ambulance doors. That meant nothing. Maybe, like all the others, she was just hoping for Jake.
            It wasn’t the time to say anything. Before the ambulance pulled away, lights flashing, Doug faded into the night. He would find her the next day.

Caro watched the ambulance disappear into the distance, followed closely by Jake’s parents’ car. She shivered and hoped Fluffers was with Jake.
            That’s when it hit her. Not so long ago another car had gone off into the distance. The car that struck Jake. She shivered some more. Jake hadn’t mattered enough to the driver to stop. Caro didn’t know Jake, but she wanted to do something, anything, to find that driver. She didn’t know how long she stood there. An extra-close flash brought her back. It was the lone figure, moving about, still taking pictures.
            The only other people still at work were two of the cops. They were peering around on the road and in the ditch, taking notes, measurements, and pictures. Caro saw that people were yawning, starting to leave.
            That was when she thought of her parents. What if they had found out she was gone? They would be so scared for her. And they would be mad at her for leaving the house without telling them – for leaving the house at all at night. How would she explain it? She would, she knew, tell the truth – she had thought she was dreaming. Maybe she had been.
She forgot all about where she was and could only think of her mother and father worried abut her. She turned to go. No one stopped her. People were busy talking to each other. She was just one small shape.

At home all was dark and silent. But Caro did not go back to her room. She did not want to go to sleep.

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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Special Online Kid Books about Bad Friends, a Ghost Dog, a Hit and Run.
CARO'S QUEST: Great Kid Online Story, Kids Online Story,
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Caro's Quest

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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Special Online Kid Books about Bad Friends, a Ghost Dog, a Hit and Run.
Here: Kid Online Story, Kids Online Story, Kid Audio Book, Online Kids Books.


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Myra typed in kid audio book, online kids books, on and on.
They knew eventually they'd find what they were looking for -
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One of their favorites was Caro's Quest.

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