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the Caro's Quest - preteen girl and ghost dog story

Caro did not notice,
standing alone
near the edge
of the crowd ...

special kid online story

            Caro watched and watched.
            Two police cars pulling up. Four cops going down into the ditch, one awkwardly, the others fast.  One soon coming back and making all kinds of calls on his scratchy system. Then more voices. And screams, a woman's screams. "Jake. My little Jakey. Oh no, not my little Jakey."
            There were more people now. Jakey's mother and holding her, his father. Silently beside them stood Jake's brother, Graham, who was from Caro's grade, and holding Graham's hand was his little sister, Jeannie, tiny and wide-eyed in pink flowered pajamas. More and more people kept arriving. Car after car pulled up. Soon there had to be thirty or forty people standing near the ditch, many with flashlights.

Caro did not notice, standing alone near the edge of the crowd, almost invisible in the darkness, the quiet shape of Mr. Janoschevic’s son, Doug. So she also did not notice that he was looking where no one else was looking – a little to the side of Jake Wetherby.
            While Caro didn’t notice Doug, someone else did. Fluffers. A couple of times, Fluffers looked up at Doug, looked him straight in the eye, a bit quizzical. But most of the time, all her attention was on Jake. She sat on her haunches attentively, watching and watching, as if nothing was more important than watching over Jake. She was not anxious, not upset – just very attentive, very alert.
            Doug stayed far back. His eyes briefly met Fluffers’. He also watched Caro. He had seen her when she pounded on the door and his father answered. Doug had been at the top of the stairs, listening.
            Caro didn’t seem to see the dog, he noticed. Doug was someone who noticed things. He had to, or he could get into trouble. It wasn’t easy, when you saw things others didn’t. And he had to notice his father’s moods. There were a lot of times it was better to keep to himself. As for Caro, Doug saw that she just watched what was happening to Jake.

No one could miss the flashes. A dark shape was moving around, taking pictures of everything and everyone.

The doctor and ambulance technicians kept at their work, putting the special brace around Jake's neck, moving him carefully, loading him onto the stretcher, strapping him down.   Jake  did  not  moan

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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Special Kid Online Story. Caro Carolina and a Ghost Dog.
Favorite Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book,
Good Online Kids Books, Kids Online Story.

special kid online story
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Caro's Quest

favorite kid online story
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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Special Kid Online Story. Caro Carolina and a Ghost Dog.
Favorite Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book,
Good Online Kids Books, Kids Online Story.


Meg, Jon and Myra with
a Favorite Special Kid Online Story

Kid online story? Meg, Jon and Myra wanted one, wanted a good kid online story, a kid audio book.
For online kid books, online kids books, they did what they always did -
they searched, putting in all the words for all the things they were looking for.

They expected, as always, to find what they were looking for.
Sometimes it didn't happen - but they tended to be lucky. They loved things with mystery, questions about reality,
friendship stories, animal stories, dog stories, especially ghost animal stories. Preteen books were best -
what sometimes was called juvenile fiction, adolescent novels - weird words like that.
They were not juveniles in their own minds - they were kids - but checking under juvenile fiction and
adolescent novels had gotten them to some fun stuff - like a favorite kids story, Caro's Quest.

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