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the Caro's Quest - preteen girl and ghost dog story

Caro reached out,
not sure if she could
touch Fluffers ...

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Caro slowly slid one leg over the edge of the bed, then the other. Just before standing up, she wondered if she should be scared, but she could no longer be afraid of Fluffers.
            Still, the dream wasn’t like any of the others, so Caro did things differently. She pulled on her red plush slippers, grabbed a windbreaker. Fluffers turned, walked through the bedroom door. Caro went to it, turned the handle, pulled the door open. Fluffers was padding down the stairs, along the hallway and then kept going, right through the front door. Once again, Caro had to open the door.
            They didn't fly this time. Fluffers trotted ahead of her, looking back over her shoulder every few seconds, as if checking to see that Caro was keeping up. Caro followed. The stars were brilliant, and the half moon gave some light, enough to see by. Caro had always hated being outdoors in the dark, but she felt safe enough now – she trusted Fluffers. Still, this dream was so like reality that she wanted to pinch herself to wake herself up. She didn't dare – she knew she had to continue, had to follow and get wherever Fluffers was leading.
            At first, close to the shore, the houses were crowded against each other. But Fluffers was heading inland. Caro rarely went far inland. Soon there started being spaces between the houses. Fluffers didn’t slow down. Soon they had gone so far that they were at the edge of town. No more houses. If they went much further, Caro knew, they would be heading toward the other side of the peninsula.
            Caro also knew that, if she were awake, her parents would absolutely forbid this. They would also forbid flying without a plane – but Caro had not thought of that the other nights.
            Fluffers padded ahead silently. Caro kept following. They were now on a dirt road. Caro knew it. It led to Ormstown, Jan's Cove and Perkin's Corner. But hardly anyone lived on it, on this stretch.  Most people stayed near the shore.
            Suddenly Fluffers stopped right at the edge of the road, looked straight at her, barked a small sharp bark. She turned to the ditch, or anyway Caro thought that was what she did because Caro suddenly had a hard time seeing her. Her last glimpse of Fluffers was of her heading down into the ditch.

Suddenly Caro was cold. The wind was sharp. "Fluffers," she called, but she did not follow. This was too much for her.
            She heard Fluffers begin to whine, then to whine urgently.

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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Great Online Kids Books. Kids Online Friendship Story.
Ghost Dog, Hit and Run, Questions.
Kid Online Story, Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book.

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Caro's Quest

great online kids books
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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Great Online Kids Books. Kids Online Friendship Story.
Ghost Dog, Hit and Run, Questions.
Kid Online Story, Online Kid Books, Kid Audio Book.


the beginning

Meg, Jon and Myra Hunt Through Online Kids Books

Online kids books, kids online story. There was no shortae of choices. Pages and pages of choices.
One glitch. Sometimes there was audo - a kid audio book - often there was not.
And sometimes it said kid online story, online kid books, but when they clicked, all they found was a beginning.

So they browsed on. Friendship stories. Preteen fiction. Juvenile literature. Ghost dog adventures. Mystery.

What did people do before the internet? Meg knew the answer: they went to the library.

But now they did something else, they searched and browsed. Online kids books - kids story.
They all recognized it. Caro's Quest. Yes, that was a good one.

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