When Is Trusting Your Intuition Wrong? A Counter Intuitive Answer Based on Experience. Intuitive Decision Making, Woman's Intuition, Can Hurt.

When Is Trusting Your Intuition A Mistake?
A Counter Intuitive Answer:
Intuitive Decision Making,
Woman's Intuition, Can Hurt You.

The Importance of
NOT Trusting Your Intuition

We've all heard it: Trust your inner voices. Listen to your inner voice. Otherwise, watch out - the plane may crash, your house may burn down, and if you die, it's all your fault. You didn't listen to yourself, to your brilliant intuitive guidance.

This is about something different. It's about how dangerous it can be to go with intuitive decision making, A woman's intuition can be, at best, self-limiting. Men and intuition - no better.

How often do we hear: Be wary of what you hear. Check out the information. I'm adding: check out what your inner voices tell you. Those voices can be just plain wrong, as wrong as any other source of information.

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Maybe my answer is counter intuitive. If so, it's only because our intuition is as insistent that it's right as so many other sources.

Why am I going on about this? I was hit hard a couple of days ago with the awareness that I was so glad I had not listened to the voices within me. I almost did. I wanted to. When I didn't listen, they got louder and louder. But I felt duty bound not to listen - it was business, and I had made a commitment.

What happened? No, the plane didn't crash. Instead, I felt so much gratitude that I hadn't listened to myself.

And that brings me to ... I don't know how many times I've heard about the important of trusting your intuition. In my mind's eye, Oprah is leaning forward, saying this in her careful caring tones.

What does she know, I answer back - just a bit indignant. Maybe it works for you, Oprah. But what about when it doesn't, at least not for people like me?

I did a little video about this. I'm not as elegant as Oprah - whom I admire. Not as sure of myself - I'm almost never completely sure of myself. But there it is - my little contribution to the science of intuition, my litte tips on how to develop intuition.

Tip One: Pay attention to when it's wrong.

Tip Two: Be careful not to believe it blindly.

Tip Three: Yes, listen - it could actually have something valuable to tell me. Right now my inner voices say: great that you've learned how often we're wrong!


February 9, 2012

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When Is Trusting Your Intuition Wrong?
A Counter Intuitive Answer
Based on Experience.
Intuitive Decision Making,
Woman's Intuition, Can Hurt.
A Vital Contribution to
The Science of Intuition.


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