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Two flashlights shone
into the ditch...
Yes, someone
was there ....

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            "No. No. But you have to call for help. Fast. He's badly hurt. He doesn't move or say anything but he is breathing."
            Mr. Janoschevic looked at Caro suspiciously, unsure this was not a kid's prank – he knew kids, and not all of them were above pulling a stunt like that. But Caro looked too serious for him to do anything except reach for the phone and call for an ambulance. "I have someone here who says someone is in the ditch not far from my place. Very serious. Yes. Mr. Janoschevic. 542 Ormstown Road. I will go there now."

The ambulance pulled up a few moments after they did.
            Caro was glad she had thought of the windbreaker. "Down there. Right down there." She thought she could hear Fluffers but was not sure. The ambulance engine was revving, the red ambulance light was flashing. It felt as if Fluffers’ whine was everywhere – so much urgency and pain. It felt as if Fluffers was running from place to place, and as if she was everywhere, in the sky, on the road, in the fields, and most of all, deep in the ditch.
            Two flashlights shone into the ditch. Yes, someone was there. Someone and a bicycle. The flashlights showed a crumpled bicycle and a silent form. Someone was lying on his back, as if asleep, one arm bent sideways beside him. Caro recognized Jake Wetherby. He was part of a gang of guys who were always cracking jokes, mean jokes sometimes. He was way ahead of her at school, almost finished high school. Caro had never felt safe around him, but now she cared.
            Caro felt a soft nudge to her hand, and something that felt almost like a soft licking of the palm of her hand. Then Fluffers' presence was gone from close by, and was again everywhere.
            Caro hated to look, but could not stop watching. She saw Mr. Janoschevic and the ambulance technicians making their way to Jake. The two ambulance attendants checking Jake. Mr. Janoschevic holding the flashlights as best as he could for them. All kinds of stuff being brought for Jake, a whole kit of stuff. A needle stuck into his arm and a bag of some clear liquid starting to drip into him. The new town doctor pulling up – Caro knew her name was Fiona Lamontagne, and no one expected her to stay. 

One thing after the other. The stretcher being brought.   A  special  neck  brace  being  taken  out.

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Question: Are Ghosts Real?
Question: Who Am I?
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Special Kids Books To Read Online. Ghost Dog, Preteen Girl.
For kids reading a great book, read kids books online,
kids online stories, good kids books.

kids books to read online
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read kids books online

Caro's Quest

kids books to read online
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or... Caro Carolina, Geela Gribbs,
and Fluffers, the invisible dog
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Special Kids Books To Read Online. Ghost Dog, Preteen Girl.
For kids reading a great book, read kids books online,
kids online stories, good kids books.


Meg, Jon and Myra Find
Their Favorite Kids Books To Read Online

Kids books to read online? Meg, Jon and Myra were three kids reading a book they found online.
Read kids books online? Sure. Meg, Jon and Myra loved special kids online stories, good kids books
they found online. Their favorite, these days - Caro's Quest, a kids story about a ghost dog,
and a preteen girl having her own friendship stories - ups and downs with bad friends, and then new friends -
and then figuring if she had any special powers, or no special powers.
But what about that ghost dog?

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