Stepping Stones Towards Understanding Islam. From 9/11 to What is Islam, Interest in Islam. For 3 years, I learn about Islam, come to understand Islam.

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- MENU -
The West and Islam


seen through
my curious eyes

from one question
to the next



- MENU -
The West and Islam

from the start
to the present

our understanding
of Islam

Steps & Stages

a Danish Cartoon,
and Me ...

The Exploration

Muslim Outrage
meets Western
Political Correctness -
toxic Western tolerance

Western Blocks -
The Enemy Within

tolerance of intolerance,
lack of critical thinking -
a veneer for fear?

The Muslim Religion -
A Religion of Peace?

Exploration of Evidence -
and a question:
why the insistence,
among the evidence
of Muslim violence
and the lack of general
censure of the violence

The Role of
Muslim Moderates
Muslims for peace,
Muslims against terrorism
- call to action

Still More

The Rottweiler Pope,
A Dangerous Temptation,
and more

An Ongoing Barrier
- Fear

a core part
of terrorism

The Hope
Give Peace a Chance

What Do I Want? -
Critical Thinking,
and ...?
and a core quality -
easily blocked
in humans

Overview -
All the Steps,
Idea Pieces



- starting with
a look at anger

The Rage of the

on Muslim outrage
at a Danish cartoon
Feb/July 2006   MORE

Mirror, Mirror,
Who is that Horror?

on the rage of the
righteous when coming
across mirrors
Sept 2006  MORE  ALL


Jan 2008  MORE   ALL


More Explorations
- Western tolerance
and other blocks
to good thinking

Stupid Opinion #1
the opinion that
all opinions are equal
Aug 2006    MORE

Walls in the Mind,
They Cripple and Bind

inner walls, inner blocks -
invisible from within,
frustrating for outsiders
Jan 2007   MORE   ALL

How To Think -
Tip Number One -
Ask This One Question

Apr 2007   MORE   ALL

The Ingredients
of Good Thinking

Feb 2009   ALL

Breaking the Spell
of Stupid Opinions

rule #1 - don't start by
calling it a stupid opinion
Aug 2006  MORE


Urgently Needed

Is Islam a Religion
of Peace?

Muslims, Islam,
Koran, Reality

March 2008     ALL


More Thinking
re Islam,
and more

The Pope Speaks
outraged Muslims protest,
kill nun, demand apology
Sept 2006  MORE   ALL

The Rottweiler Pope,
The Danish Cartoon
and Muslim Moderates

the pope's remarks -
help or hindrance?
Sept 2006  MORE  ALL

A Dangerous
Temptation -


the lure of hating back
and hurting back
Sept 2006  MORE  ALL


The Hope

Give Peace
a Chance

- by giving empathy
a chance
An Open Letter to
All People, and
for now, especially
all Muslims
Feb/Aug 2006


the Explorer

Elsa's Quest:
to explore

Elsa Asks
a Final Question:
What is

This Is Not Me
but it's a tempting
disguise due to the


~ more ~


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from interest in Islam
to coming to
understand Islam





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What is Islam?

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Stepping Stones Towards Understanding Islam.

From 9/11, to what is Islam, interest in Islam.
For 3 years, I learn about Islam,
come to understand Islam.

Vince Lombardo

Towards Understanding Islam, Coming to Learn About Islam, Understand Islam - A Long Journey

explorations of Journeys Towards Understanding Islam

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posted by Vince Lombardo, October 15, 2009:

To learn about Islam, I found, is much like crossing a river by carefully stepping from one stone to another. Upon reaching the other side, one looks back to inspect the route that was taken. I look back now and see the sequence of my study of Islam and how it was that an unguided person like me came to look deeply into the mysterious and complex world ruled by about one million mullahs.

I picked out this difficult path and connected the dots until I reached inevitable conclusions. Drawing conclusions that differ from those of the mullahs is something they do not wish us to do, and something which they intentionally make difficult for us to do!

The mullahs would prefer the infidels to remain ignorant of Islam. They will then have the monopoly of interpretation of the material and they may also more easily criticize and mock us for the same ignorance they promote.

I found the mullahs even encourage apathy among ordinary Moslems by a doctrine called ‘taqlid’ which in English is termed ‘blind following’. Most mullahs are not used to having informed critics. Informed critics of Islam are hard for the mullahs to counter and in Moslem countries opponents do not exist… for long. Such critics are often forced to flee to liberal democracies where they live in hiding under police guard.


Like most people, I do not like to dwell on depressing or morbid subjects, such as the ill treatment of women and minorities in all Islamic countries. I would rather hear a joke, see a screwball comedy on TV or at the movie theatre or participate in enjoyable activities… things that make life more pleasant, less onerous and worth living.

Before 9/11, I did not think much about Islam. My interest in Islam more or less ended with my superficial readings about the Crusades, Richard the Lionheart, King Louis of France and Saladin with a dash of ‘hashishin’ (assassins) and Knights Templar. For me, Moslems were a backward group ruled by vicious dictators and living several centuries behind the rest of the world and with no interest in improving their lot or that of their children. I had no interest in learning more. That changed when Moslems began to attack the Western world at the time of Ayatollah Khomeini. I did not learn much about core Islamic doctrine per se until the attacks came to the capital of the world, New York City, in 2001.

Furthermore, I discovered that great difficulties are presented to the student of Islam by the constant denials of core Islamic doctrines by high-ranking Moslem clerics who say one thing to an infidel crowd and make a completely different discourse to an all-Moslem group.

What is Islam? Real Islam is, I discovered, intentionally hidden behind a series of veils! So it has been a long journey towards understanding Islam.


The Sequence of My Personal Discoveries about Islam over three years:

- 9/11 led many people to ask ‘Why?’ Personally, I watched the 9/11 events all day, my eyes glued to the television and my mouth open in disbelief.

- The ensuing hunt for the al-Qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan by NATO led my interest to more questions: What was it that made al-Qaeda an international movement mostly led by Saudis, but with members from all countries, even Anglo-Saxon converts from Canada and the USA?

Then came ...

- My discovery of Wahhabism and Salafism, the core of modern jihadism;

- Learning more about he repression of women in Afghanistan by the Taliban: the Islamic doctrine of women as half-human;

- Afghanistan under Taliban: No girls’ schools, no doctors for women, no jobs for single mothers… starvation… women shot for apparently minor and often religious reasons such as matters of dress… why were women the main victims?

- War in Iraq: Sunnites vs Shi’ites …. Why this fratricide?

- The Danish cartoon controversy put my research on Islam into high gear: Why were cartoons more blameworthy than killings? Why were 100 innocent people murdered for cartoons they did not draw or know about? At this point I learned the meaning of ‘fitna’ (the uttering of opposition to Islam… fitna is a capital crime in all Islamic countries)

- Next step was daily research on the Internet as I pursued the answers to baffling perplexities of Islamic behaviour and contradictory doctrines;

- Jihadwatch, Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, Andrew Bostom and others helped.

Then ...

- discovered taqiyya, then jihad, then ‘kafir’;

- read the book ‘Prophet of Doom’ (a chronicle of Mohammed’s unrelenting cruelty), followed by several other books written by ex-Moslems;

- became aware of honour killing in Islamic countries, especially Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan;

- became aware of suicide rate among Afghan women… self-immolation;

- became aware of Mohammed’s pedophilia and resultant frequency child marriage in Islamic world by men emulating Mohammed… frequency of obstetrical fistulae in young mothers;

- 2-3 hours of research per day over 3 years regarding Islamic doctrines;

- became aware of Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) - fronted by detective Bill Warner to maintain security of its scholars - became aware of political Islam… Islam’s real hidden agenda;

- became aware of duality in Islam: almost everything in Islam comes in pairs - some 3 dozen dualities (pairs) in Islam, e.g. men/women, Koran/Hadiths, Moslem/kafir, Allah/Mohammed-the-messenger, 4 regular wives/unlimited slave ‘wives’, etc.


- I finally realized Islam is hard to understand because it is intentionally hidden by a series of veils.

- Each veil conceals a concept expressed (and then concealed) in a dualistic pair: when infidels argue about the concealed reality behind the veil, Moslems change the subject and argue about the veiling component of the pair… Moslems consider both the cover concept (veil) and the hidden concept (core doctrine) to be ‘true’… but the hidden, core concept is not for infidels to know and thus is actively concealed from them.

- The veil conceals the truth, e.g. the Islam of political world conquest is the reality hidden behind the veil of ‘religion of peace’.

- The veil of Islamic women conceals the doctrine of Islamic chauvinism: Moslem men may ‘freely’ rape infidel women, since they are uncovered and ‘available’. With no witnesses (4 men or 8 women required), there is never a guilty verdict. Moslem women are covered and ‘unavailable’… any uncovered women are considered to be advertising that they are ‘available’ as concubines for Moslem men… This improves their status!

- The veil of Islamic women conceals the Islamic rape laws which make proving the crime of rape virtually impossible under Shariah, thus no Moslem male can ever expect to go to jail for rape… ever… Moslems make much about ‘purity’ under Islam, but they consider any women without a veil ‘has it coming to her’.

- I applied Ockham’s Razor: the philosophical law of economy and the law of non-contradiction told me there can be no such a thing as ‘temporary truth’ or ‘circumstantial truth’ …. The truth must be true all the time or it is not true. There must therefore be an explanation of Islamic dualism which fits all the contradictory, dualistic parts and unifies them on a deeper level.

- I realized something was wrong with Islam’s constant double standards, its ethical contradictions and ‘dualistic logic’ that supports the inconsistency.

Islam must, therefore, have an inner unifying philosophical principle hidden beneath the contradictions. I came to see that the hidden inner principle of Islam is the will to power over ‘others’ (i.e. power over women and the wicked infidels)… The explanation of Islamic supremacism is contained in the very name ‘Islam’ which means ‘submission’. In every dualistic pair, one party submits to the other and one is dominant.

Islam’s ethical means to power is opportunism: one choice is deferred to another whenever it gives the advantage to Islamic male supremacy. In fact, Islam looks at the ‘struggle’ (jihad) to conquer the infidels as an unending war and in war, moral distortions are justified by the ends to be achieved…

In the case of Islam, the end is to establish Allah’s perfect legal order on earth… Shariah law. This is Islam’s universal imperative: the forced imposition of Shariah law over the objections of the wicked infidels. I learned that any immoral means are justified to achieve this political end. Islamic religion and politics are one, but religion veils the politics from the eyes of the infidels.


My conclusions and summary of my studies of political Islam:

- After three years of puzzlement and daily study of Islam, I became aware of the final veil (the veil of moral justification of world conquest). I finally understood that Islam is not merely a religion, but a universal, utopian totalitarian empire given moral justification by a religious revelation (allegedly the final one… thus it can never be disproved by anyone). The Islamic ‘nation’ is guided by the dual leadership of the caliph (dictator) and the ulemas (religious jurists) who interpret eternal Islamic laws and ask that the caliph apply them… (dualistically, of course).

Westerners had been able to resist learning about Islam at the time of Khomeini in Iran… We could dismiss it as a ‘national movement’ using religion, but the al-Qaeda and Taliban were international movements and their goals were to make war on all nations that did not practice full Shariah.

Westerners could not figure out why the al-Qaeda attacked the two biggest beehives in the world: Manhattan (the home of the UN and world finance) and the Pentagon (the police headquarters of the civilized world)??? (They barely missed bombing the US congress.)

The al-Qaeda could not see that their attack on the Pentagon guaranteed their total eradication from the earth! Thousands of Westerners (staunch believers in democracy and freedom of expression… like me) thus began personal studies to get to the root of al-Qaeda’s thought. They found that al-Qaeda is Islam. The enthusiastic Islamists guaranteed that Islam would no longer operate under the radar… Too many Westerners were becoming informed.


- The Prime Minister of Turkey has said: ‘There is no ‘radical’ Islam or ‘moderate’ Islam… There is only Islam.’

What did he mean by that?

That’s easy: Some Moslems are in a hurry to establish Allah’s perfect dictatorship on earth: they are called ‘terrorists’ by Westerners, e.g. Osama bin Laden. Other Moslems are in no hurry at all to force the infidels to submit to Shariah (but they all agree this is their final goal!). The ‘unhurried’ Moslems call themselves ‘moderates’.

‘Moderate’ Moslems have no differences with the ‘terrorists’ except for the matter of urgency. ‘Moderate’ Moslems would have no difficulty joining the universal jihad for the ultimate subjugation of infidels if they felt
1) it was the right time for jihad,
2) if there were a realistic hope of success, i.e. if Moslems possessed sufficient weapons of mass destruction to guarantee military triumph,
3) if the infidels were sufficiently weakened and divided so that victory by Moslem forces would not be too difficult or costly for Moslems,
and 4) if there were a universal caliph to lead the Moslem world (there has been no caliph since 1924).

For the spark that started Vince Lombardo's interest in Islam, click here.

For Vince Lombardo's current quest in learning about Islam, click here.

For very different evaluations of what is Islam, click here.

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Stepping Stones Towards Understanding Islam.
From 9/11 to What is Islam, Interest in Islam.
For 3 years, I learn about Islam, come to understand Islam.


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blue green idea

* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - at some point, there has to be interest in Islam *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - there is learning about islam, asking what is islam? *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - we learn facts about Islam, Islam basic beliefs, history of Islam *
*TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - it would be easier with a reliatble guide to understanding islam *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - at some point, we have the sense we understand Islam *

blue green idea

From Interest in Islam Towards Understanding Islam

Towards understanding Islam - the road is different for different people. Some people start as insiders, and want to learn more about the history of Islam. Some people start as outsiders, and move towards understanding Islam from interest in Islam as a religion.

One can also move towards understanding Islam because we see it as a major social force as well as a religion with over one billion adherents.

What is Islam all about, we may ask. We want to understand Islam, learn about Islam.

In my case, something made me take notice.

brain trainer
always looking with ideas cooking

Nov 1
, 2009
copyright © Elsa Schieder 2009, 2011, all rights reserved

Stepping Stones Towards Understanding Islam.
From 9/11 to What is Islam, Interest in Islam.
For 3 years, I learn about Islam, come to understand Islam.

blue green idea

* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - that takes many ingredients,
from interest in Islam, asking what is Islam, learning about Islam *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - easily understand Islam? - not likely *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - learn about Islam, get reliable facts about Islam *
* TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING ISLAM - no golden rule in Islam *

blue green idea

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