Cat Stories about Warrior Cats. Pictures of Cute Cats and Scary Cats. Here, a Cat Story about TiChat, the Blind Killer Cat and Warrior Cat. A Scary Cat.
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Cat Stories about Warrior Cats.
Here, the cat story of TiChat, a blind cat, almost deaf.
And a very fierce warrior cat. Top among scary cats.

TiChat the Warrior Cat, a Scary Cat

blind, almost deaf, and with only one tooth, but ...

After TiChat had been in the house a few days, no cat dared go near her.
She was the tiniest of all, under six pounds, but she fought to kill.

cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat    cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat    cat photo - TiChat

cat photo - TiChat

After TiChat had been in the house a few days, no cat dared go near her.

She was the tiniest of all, under six pounds. Blind, and almost deaf. But when it came to scary cats, she had the main ingredient: she fought to kill.

My then-partner hated her. "That cat is dangerous. That's a killer cat." He had no use for her.

He was right about her being dangerous: the blind newcomer was a killer cat - though luckily, every cat that tangled with her managed to escape - not too difficult, as they fought to escape with the same ferocity that she fought to kill. Not one warrior cat among them!

After an encounter, she would roam around hissing, batting the air with her claws. She had only one tooth, but very long sharp claws.

Definitely, a warrior cat, a killer cat. But I understood the little newcomer. I didn't protect her when I brought her into the house. I had no idea she needed protection. Or these cat stories about her would be very different.


I found TiChat (Little Cat, as she came to be called) in the barn, eyes glazed, tongue sticking out. I brought her to the vet, not sure if she didn't have rabies. "Nope, nothing to worry about. Blind and just one tooth. That's why her tongue sticks out."

The other cats got along - there were probably 7 or 8 when she arrived - so I had no idea they would have a problem with this tiny quiet cat. They did. She looked like a cat, smelled like a cat. But she didn't act like a cat. When they came close, she didn't move. Soon they grouped around her, hissing. No one attacked, so I thought they would figure things out. If I was around, I tried to calm things. But I was overwhelmingly busy.

I did see that she just sat there. One time, too late for me to stop things, I saw one strike out at her, scratch one of her blind eyes. He didn't mean to injure - a sighted animal would have pulled back easily.

Instead, she fought back - but her eye became infected, and forever after, one of her eyes has been smaller than the other.

I had lots of compassion for the little blind and almost deaf warrior cat. I understood why she fought to kill. She had to. She didn't know what was coming at her.


I don't have any photos of TiChat being a killer cat.

Why not?

The fights were brief. Horrific. They would be over in a few terrifying seconds. A whirlwind of claws. A life and death struggle. Not a good time to dig out a camera.

So in my photo gallery of cats, her cat pics fit in with other photos of cute cats. Anyone looking for photos of seemingly cuddly black and white cats will be delighted.


Luck and unluck. They are so mixed together in the cat stories about TiChat.

I found her - luck. I never go to the barn, but I did that day. It was spring. I was out of kindling. There was more in the barn. That saved her life.

The blindness probably came from a detached retina. That can happen with extreme stress. Unluck.

The vet noticed the blindness and her having only one tooth. Though she stank terribly from her ears, he didn't comment that she had a serious ear infection in both ears. And I didn't realize either - I thought that was just the way she was. Maybe she already had very little hearing. Maybe she lost her hearing over the next months, before the infection was treated. So, an unlucky cat.

Months later, I went on a holiday and a friend took care of her. TiChat fell off the eighth floor balcony. A very unlucky cat.

She not only survived, she had no broken bones. As far as everyone could make out, she was totally unhurt. An amazingly lucky cat.


She came into a house where she got care. Again, a very lucky cat.

And this has led to slow change. I started carrying her up to the bedroom, where she would curl up on the pillow, purring loudly. She loved the closeness.

Still, it was at least a year before she chose to come onto my lap.

More luck. There are not only cats in the house, but two large dogs. They've never been mean to TiChat, so she rather likes them.

A big lucky break for her happened with the appearance, about a year ago, of yet another cat in the house. Timothy Cat, a big cat who was not terrified by her. He didn't fight back like a killer cat - he just kept her at bay. And slowly TiChat has changed.

Now cats can be close and she doesn't react. She still doesn't curl up with them. Maybe that will never happen. Maybe it will.

Anyway, there has been a huge transformation of this killer cat, this warrior cat. It makes me aware, yet once again, how important a reasonably good environment can be - what a difference it can make.


I've had people tell me I'm doing TiChat a disservice by keeping her alive. I feel lucky to know her. She has amazing fearlessness, loves discovering new places, bumping into things, finding her away around, eating, getting petted.

She also loves being taken to class - where I've found a way of integrating
TiChat to make at least one appearance in each of my college classes.

What next? I don't know.
I don't create her story. I just try to help it be good.


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Cat Stories about Warrior Cats. Pictures of Cute Cats and Scary Cats.
Here, a Cat Story about TiChat, the Blind and Almost Deaf Killer Cat
and Warrior Cat. A Scary Cat..

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cat photo - TiChat

Cat Stories about TiChat,
the Blind and Almost Deaf Warrior Cat.
A Cat Story about a Scary Cat.
Part of a Photo Gallery of Cats.
Lots of Pictures of Cute Cats.

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