How To Have It All. Higher Search Engine Placement, Higher Ranking In Search Engine. Better Search Engine Ranks, Increased Search Engine Traffic, and sometimes Top Web Site Ranking.

Higher Search Engine Placement. Higher Ranking In Search Engine. My Story.
Tools from SiteSell. And my own creativity.

How to Have It All. Higher Search Engine Placement, Higher Ranking In Search Engine. Better
Search Engine Ranks, Increased Search Engine Traffic, and sometimes Top Web Site Ranking.

Here is the heart of my journey. Turning to my creative projects, using SiteSell tools.


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land      

Elsa wants higher search engine traffic
Elsa finally finds increased
search engine traffic.

Elsa wants better search engine ranks
But she wonders - can she
do it again with her
creative projects, get
higher search engine placement?

Elsa tries to improve search engine ranks
She decides to try for
higher search engine placement,
better search engine ranks,
for her creative works.

Elsa styrves for higher search engine ranks
Alice in Wonderland
managed to grow -
Elsa works ar
higher ranking in search
engine searches.
But she needs even more.


Part 6. I had found SiteSell. I had overhauled my first site, a vacation rental site, so that it went from zero with the search engines, to much higher search engine placement. But I had barely started on my adventures in Internet Land.

The beginning had been almost overwhelming for me.

I didn't stop there, not even to catch my breath.

Something else was tugging at me, had been pulling at me for almost my whole life. My creative stuff and my idea pieces. There I didn't have a site. Instead, there were hopes and dreams - and tons and tons of writings, from stories to poems to songs to idea pieces.

I had also designed a virtual cafe a few years earlier, a word and music emporium for the works of lots of people.

I hadn't managed to get it past the sample stage - a huge undertaking in itself. But with no funding, it was much too big a project to complete on my own, especially with my very limited knowledge of web design.

My first plan was to get that site going. I created another sample site, tried for another grant.

And bogged down. When I look back, I can see that it wasn't more work than what I've done since. But I was listening to other people, rather than to myself. Most of the voices around me said: don't go with your own stuff. Develop a big site for lots of creative people to upload their work, and once there's a big solid site, you can also put your work there.

It felt wrong to me. And right. I did want to make the site. I cared about other people's creativity as well as mine. It's so hard for creative people to find space and an audience for their work. Higher search engine placement? Often there's hardly anyone at all who notices.

All the same, once again - something I had done many times - I would not be paying attention to what was calling so intensely. My own work.

I can't remember how it happened, but I decided to give my own work a bit of attention, and get back to the larger site in a while, a few months at most. Those months have stretched into a couple of years.

I have, for the first time in my life, found a way to reach an audience.

Once again, I didn't use the templates. But this time I had some knowledge of the SiteSell tools. I concentrated on the creative side - and used the SiteSell tools for the rest. So much designing, so much learning, and also new writing.

It has been the most amazing adventure. Each part of the site has its own look and feel. I remember the first few months. One part after another getting its own look.

And I did get some browsers. But somehow I got stuck. There were lots of pages I wouldn't get the search engines to notice. For them there was no higher search engine placement.

And then, once again, SiteSell to the rescue.

A bit over a year after this second site was up, and had stalled with the search engine, SiteSell came along with more - with something amazing, something wonderful, something that has made my journey since then much easier, and way more successful.    CONTINUE


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finding yet more help from SiteSell,
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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land


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