You Want Higher Search Engine Ranks, Top Web Site Ranking. Answers for Higher Ranking In Search Engine, Higher Search Engine Placement, Better Search Engine Ranks. Plus, a story of making it.

Higher Search Engine Ranks. Top Web Site Ranking.
That's what I wanted. I didn't have a clue how to get this. I learned.

You Want Higher Search Engine Ranks, Top Web Site Ranking. Answers for Higher Ranking
In Search Engine, Higher Search Engine Placement, Better Search Engine Ranks.

Plus, more of my story. Not one of easy success. But I found the answers.


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land      

Elsa wants higher search engine traffic
Elsa finally finds higher
search engine ranks.

Elsa wants better search engine ranks
But for a long time
she wonders:
will top web site ranking always be a dream?

Elsa tries to improve search engine ranks
She wonders and wonders:
how can she get increased search engine traffic?

Elsa styrves for higher search engine ranks
Alice in Wonderland
eats magic stuff and
suddenly grows huge.
To reach a higher ranking
in search engine searches,
high search engine ranking, Elsa finds a real life solution: SiteSell.


Part 3. So, to bring you up-to-date in case this is where you start, I talked to someone who's been involved with SiteSell right from its start. SiteSell - the closest thing I've found to a magic wand. Anyway, it's rescued me from internet oblivion. Within a few days of that talk, I bought a space on SiteSell. Unfortunately, SiteSell isn't magic - this isn't an instant success story. That's not the SiteSell formula, by the way. Their symbol is the tortoise. Slow but sure. Slow and steady but getting ever further and further, right to the finish line and beyond. So,...

No immigrant to a new country has been more lost than I was in this new world of search engine rankings. But at least I had found a door into that world - a bit like Alice in Wonderland suddenly landing in that topsy turvy world with mad hatters and strange mushrooms that made things change from small to large.

I clutched in my hand the print-out of all the lessons provided by SiteSell - a bit like a tourist with phrase books. But I wasn't a tourist. I wanted to make this my new home.

I read the information from SiteSell over and over. Ten "Days". Different tasks for each virtual day. And in the end I was supposed to have a site that worked on the web, that led to better search engine ranks, higher search engine ranks - a site the search engines would notice.

I read and learned. Niche marketing. Keywords with high monetization potential. Finding the best name for the site. Then stuff like H1 - heading one.

I put aside the pages. And then I took them up again - and began again.

I had done everything backward. I had made a site without knowing how to get it visible.

If you're lucky, you will be doing it right. You will learn what gets better search engine ranks, higher search engine ranks, top search engine ranking - and then make the pages.

In my case, every webpage I had created needed a major overhaul - not in how it looked, but in terms of things like web spiders and web robots, search engines and especially Google.

The webpages had been made for humans. I needed to learn how to get the pages onto the first few pages of searches - so that, finally, humans could get a look.

It was a totally unfamiliar language - phrases like title tags, metatags, keywords, keyword density.

There were also fantastic new tools, like a brainstormer, and a master keyword list which gave me lots of results.

As I said, I didn't do it the easy way, because I didn't know of the easy way, and didn't search to find one, until it was utterly obvious that I didn't have a clue how to improve search engine ranks. Good writing - that wasn't it. Good layout - that wasn't it. Vivid images - that wasn't it.

SiteSell - my answer to get the same pages from totally unlisted to up with higher search engine ranks, sometimes even on the first page, and occasionally even with top web site ranking! I have numbers. I also want to tell you about how SiteSell makes it so easy if you start with them. But if you're impatient to hear it from SiteSell, click here.

better search engine ranks

For me, finding SiteSell was like finding a blueprint on how to build a house after I'd already built one - but it didn't do what it was supposed to do. It looked right - but the lights switches didn't turn on the lights, no water flowed through the taps. In search engine terms, no visitors. So there I was, Alice marveling at the SiteSell Wonderland. The problem: I didn't want to tear my house down or abandon it.

SITESELL - BETTER SEARCH ENGINE RANKS. Here, a great introduction.



with more of of my quest for increasing search engine ranking,
high ranking in search engine placement, top web site ranking


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land


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