For Top Web Site Ranking, To Improve Search Engine Ranks, Reach Better Search Engine Ranks, Here Is A Sure Route. Yes, Increased Search Engine Traffic, Higher Search Engine Ranks.

Top Web Site Ranking. Improve Search Engine Ranks. I Did it. So Can You.
My story. My finding the right tools. And where I am now.

For Top Web Site Ranking, To Improve Search Engine Ranks, Reach Better Search Engine Ranks,
Here Is A Sure Route. Yes, Increased Search Engine Traffic, Higher Search Engine Ranks.

I learned the answer to the biggest question: who can help? This is my story.


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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land  

Elsa wants higher search engine traffic
Elsa finds ever increasing
search engine ranking.

Elsa wants better search engine ranks
But for a long time
she wonders:
will it ever happen,
increased web site ranking?

Elsa tries to improve search engine ranks
Will the SiteSell course
get her increasing search engine ranking?

Elsa styrves for higher search engine ranks
Alice in Wonderland
managed to grow -
Elsa also gets to Improve search engine ranks,
higher web site ranks!


Part 9. I've taken you along on my voyage. Bumps. Adventures. Sinbad the Sailor didn't have more adventures. Aladdin and his flying carpet didn't have higher hopes.

Where am I now?

SiteSell. It's not magic. It's not abracadabra. Too bad.

With SiteSell, it's still taken lots of hard work, commitment, drive and desire to get from a dream of top web site ranking, to amazingly increased search engine traffic.

The start: reams of paper in drawers. So many attempts to get my stuff into the world. So many dashed hopes.

Now: a site with pretty good traffic - excellent traffic I'd say, when I think that some of my poems get 500 views in one month. How many poets have 500 people look at any one of their poems in a month? And the first site I worked on - though it's gotten less attention from me - has reached even higher search engine ranks.

Still, once again, SiteSell isn't magic. But it's given me tools, so that my efforts have paid off. And my efforts are paying off more and more, month by month. This is so very different from sending out writings to small magazines, struggling for grants that are turned down months later.

Actually, SiteSell tools make me think of Harry Potter's wand. He had to learn to use it. But used well, wow!!

So, if making a site of your own, or getting high web site ranking interests you, here is SITESELL.

And then ...

There is a difference between why most people have web sites, and why I have this site. Most people are in it for the money. If that interests you - and it certainly has interested me in the other web site I've built - here's info on how to create a home business web site - again with SITESELL.

But somehow making money hasn't been my deepest drive, not on this creativity site. (The first site I developed, a vacation rental site, is about earning money, of course.)

My deepest drive: look, see this, I have this to offer. All my life, I've wanted my stuff given a chance, an audience.

And I know I'm not alone. Most of the creative people I know are hungry for a bigger audience. And a plumber I know has a site because he likes answering the questions people have - so he too is driven by an urge to share what he knows.

I don't want to be a guru off along on some cold mountaintop, an artist hidden in an attic. I also don't want to push my stuff where it isn't wanted. My quest: if this is for you, I want you to be able to find it. 

Why am I writing this? I want you to know about SITESELL. I want to share the good news.

I plan - maybe in a couple of years, after my own stuff is well on its way - to create a site where lots of creative people can put some of their stuff, and also connect with each other. But many people want a space that's all their own - and also want others to find their work.

Once again, I can only say: go with SiteSell. You can concentrate on the content. They'll give you the tools to find an audience. And now, with the courses and individual online tutoring they offer, it's even easier.

So, good luck to you, if you want a web site that reaches high web site ranking. Good luck and the best possible chance of succeeding.

In the meantime, I'm going back to work on my site. Still so many plans and dreams.

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SITESELL - IMPROVE SEARCH ENGINE RANKS. Here, a great introduction .

SITESELL - TOP WEB SITE RANKING. Here, more about SiteSell.

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Elsa's Adventures in Internet Land


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