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Word alchemy: that happens through words
that bring alive moments, through alive words.

How to find those words?


I can't answer for others. Sometimes words come,
want my attention.

Also, I've learned to listen for words from within,
for words that try to catch the moment.


Life keeps changing.

That mean ore listening for words,
words coming from within -

seirous words,
love words,
silly words,
sexy words
all and any kind of word.






All through listening for words,
hearing the words.

Alive words that catch the moment.

And that is magic.


I think I've left a lot out.

That's now,
after a lifetime of loving word magic,
after a lifetime of creativity flowing and ebbing,
receding and coming again.

It's a bit like a choreographer,
after decades of choreographing
trying to answer,
how do you do it?

She answers: oh, I just listen for movement,
and movements come into my mind.

I know when I listen for movement,
my vocabulary is small.
It's easy for the movements to get repetitive,
and also not to convey what I want to express.


So back to word magic.

I can easily pass on
a few creative writing execsieses -
these are
magic to some people.

I've enjoyed doing them.
I've loved seeing what they can bring out.

But the heart of it
is passion,
love of creativity,
vauing it enormously,
loving the creativity of others,
reading enormously,
watching what seems like millions of movies,
writing and writing some more and then some more again.

Passion, intensity -
and also going with a flow that changes in mysterious ways.

So the passion was not matched by output early on.
I kept getting bogged down.

Then the urge for creative writing seemed to disappear -
for 15 years.

I thought it had gone.

And then it erupted forth
in a new form -
word pieces.
One after the other.

I started waking up with words, often with music,
going through my head.

And having loved words all my life,
I cared enough about those words to write them down.

And now again it has been 15 years.

The stream still flows,
though for a long time now I have listened for words,
rather than had words strong inside me.

It was no accident that the words came when they did.

Love and loss.
Falling in love,
and then grief -
I wasn't the right person,
and a bit of it wasn't the right time,
and I wasn't the right age.

Anyway, what a huge payoff -

as I again came to a payoff
when a dog I loved was hit by a car and died.

But there things are different.

I value the payoff of the first love and loss.

But still now,almost six years later,
I wold give up the payoff - Caro's Quest -
that came through Fluffers' death.


So anyway,
alive words .. word magic -
word alchemy, the turning of everyday words
into words that can touch others.


There is magic that words cannot do -
they cannot bring back to life - to real everyday life.

That is beyond word alchemy.

But they can bring some things to life,
they can give life to some things.

And that is the word magic, the word alchemy,
that came from Fluffer's death, the death of someone I loved.

But from the death of love,
I didn't strive to bring the love back to life.
That was a very different thing.

The words brought moments to life, kept moments alive -
the moments I was living -
ache, anger, hope, love, loss, grief, longing.

Anyway, word magic, word alchemy
- one the most amazing adventures.

It's an adventure I live, while living with creatures without words -
cats and dogs, whom I feel close to
but do not long to share words with, just feelings.

That's another of those complexities of life

And now for you, taste and try,

life more alive
through words coming from moments.

More life.

More riches from within,
through words that come from life
and bring to life.

June 1, 2009
copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2008, all rights reserved

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Word Alchemy, Alive Words, Word Magic.
By Listening For Words From Within. Creativity Explored.
A Creative Process For Riches From Within.



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A dozen years ago,
I began to wake up
with word pieces -
words music, spoken word, songs -
in my head.
Escape velocity.
Echo of the echo.
Tank almost empty.
Can't cross the gap.
Welcome into my world.



Elsa asking, what's in it for me

listening for words ... words for word alchemy

rap poetry, rapElsa asking, why poetry poet

still listening ... for alive words for word magic

rap poetry, rapElsa asking, why poetry poet

word alchemy through listening

rap poetry, rapElsa asking, why poetry poet

and still listening -
listening, creativity explored -
listening to words from within - a creative process



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