Animal Love. Dog Love. Ghost Dogs. Caro Carolina, 13, meets Geela Gribbs, who soon gets known as weird.
A ghost dog is with her. What are animal spirits like? Dog Stories for Animal Lovers.

Ghost Dogs. Ghosts and Spirits. Are Animal Spirits Dangerous?
Caro, 13, is suddenly faced with this question. An invisible dog now lives next door. Is she safe?
How can she be sure? Dog Stories.

It's easy to say there's no reason to be afraid. But how can we be sure we're safe?

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More Big Questions, such as ...   
Are Animal Spirits Dangerous?

The unknown is scary. The unknown can also be dangerous. It's one thing reading stories with magic in them. But ghost dogs and cats and other creatures aren't necessarily nice. So what if an invisible dog, a spirit dog, comes to stay next door?

Animal spirits - are they nice or nasty? And if some are nice and some are nasty, how can one tell, for sure, which is which? And what if they have a mean streak? Wouldn't ghost dogs be more powerful than live dogs? Could they make bad things happen?

Dog stories, and even stories about ghost animals, aren't any help. They're stories. No proof of ghosts. No evidence of anything.

All around people are ready with answers - including people who talk with spirits like others talk on the phone, and other people who roll their eyes at any question about ghost dogs and animal spirits. The craziest ghost story I've heard - this one involving a live dog - has to do with Mackenzie King, the Canadian prime minister during World War Two. He believed he was in contact with his dead mother through a live dog with the aid of a clairvoyant. When he wasn't sure if he should let Jews into Canada, his dead mother - or so he believed - sent the message, "One is too many." King acted on the message. Clairvoyants, prime ministers and (perhaps) dead mothers can definitely make huge, massively deadly mistakes.

The Fluffers Book is yet another story. In it, Caro Carolina cares a lot about: are animal spirits dangerous? what is a spirit dog like? how much can she understand? Caro has never much thought abut ghosts and spirits, not seriously. But when the ghost dog from next door shows up in her dreams, suddenly the answers matter a lot to her.    THE FLUFFERS BOOK

preteen girl and ghost dog

Could Fluffers want to hurt her? After all, she's dead and alone. Could she be looking for company? How could Caro know if she's safe or not? She's taken lots of subjects in school. Animal spirit guides, talking to a spirit, meeting an animal spirit - those things were never talked about, not with teachers. She and her friends have read lots of magic stories, ghost stories, dog stories, ghost animal stories, and have talked about that kind of thing - but she has no answers.

I have one answer. I know why came to write
The Fluffers Book.   CONTINUE


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