THE FLUFFERS BOOK. Preteen Stories about Preteen Kids, a Ghost Dog and Big Questions.
Do Ghosts Exist? What is a Hero? Who Am I? Even, Preteen Story on How to Become Goth

The Fluffers Book. Preteen Stories about Preteen Kids, a Ghost Dog and Big Questions.
Do Ghosts Exist? What is a Hero? Who Am I? Even, How to Become Goth?


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Story - a Preteen, a Ghost Dog, and Questions:     
What is Real? Who am I? What is a Hero?

Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Preteen, almost a teen, just starting to be a teen.

The world keeps changing. Santa stops existing. So does the tooth fairy. Everything is different. Before, magic blurred into the everyday world. Now magic disappears – much of it, anyway.

So many questions. How does one know what is real and what isn't? How does one figure out what is good and what is bad?  How does one know what to do in general? How to make our dreams real? What are our dreams, anyway? How to figure out, who is this person I call me? How now, brown cow!

The magic hasn't all gone away. With part of our hearts we believe in it as much as ever - more, in fact. Santa and the likes used to be part of what we thought was real. Now we know they're not, and all the same, deep down, most of us believe in some things we can't prove - such as, that ghosts could be real, that supernatural spirits could exist.

On top of that, there are other huge questions. Will we ever do anything amazing? Will everything be boring forever? How to dress? What if our so-called friends stop talking to us? Will we ever find a real friend?

And then there's being a preteen girl. What's preteen glamour? Is it becoming a goth, goth stuff, getting a goth makeover? It sure is better, being a goth than a fairy tale princess. But how to become a goth?

Caro is exactly thirteen. Her 2 best friends won't talk to her. And then a ghost dog moves in next door - or so her neighbor says. Caro doesn't see it. What is real? A few nights later, a classmate is struck by a hit and run driver. The ghost dog comes to her. Caro longs to do something, to find whoever did it. Her secret wish: to be a hero.    THE FLUFFERS BOOK

preteen girl and ghost dog

A big question. What to do if you suddenly find yourself in a ghost story?    CONTINUE

Preteen stories for preteen kids, preteen girls. Preteen story about a preteen girl, ghost dog. Preteen stories for all.       

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